You risk losing all your pics on Google Photos, if you don't do this: how long do you have

Time 12/07/2022 By mhb

After convincing you to let Google Photos store all your photos from the phone to the cloud, the Mountain View giant deletes them if you do not pay.

For a few years, any Android user was relaxed when it comes to storing photos, because there was an automatic backup solution.Google saves all the photos in his cloud without any intervention from you and neither with additional costs.

It was perfect, even though your images, most of the time, were tablets.They are applied to a small compression algorithm and you could have lost a bit of quality, but the differences were small to non -existent.

In any case, on June 1, it disappears forever disappears the opportunity to store your images in Google Photos completely free.In theory, you will have 15GB of space without additional costs in which you can keep some of your pictures and clips, but considering how big the internal memory of the phones is in 2021, it is unlikely that that value is sufficient.It does not help that the same 15GB will be divided with Google Drive, Gmail or any other Google services you could use.

Riști să-ți pierzi toate pozele de pe Google Photos, dacă nu faci asta: cât timp mai ai

If you want to download your Google Photos photos until then, you can do it from, using a laptop or desktop and your favorite browser.Check the first photo of the ones displayed.With a bit of patience, you scroll to the end of the list.You hold the shift key press and check it on the last one.To the top right, press the three bullets and opt for download.Optionally, you can press on Shift + D to download them.

The alternative is to pay for Google space by activating a subscription to Google One, using this address.You pay 100 lei per 100GB, 140 lei for 200GB or 500 lei for 2TB.Any of the plans can be activated instantly, both from the phone and from the PC or Mac.