Rumor: Google applications can no longer be installed on Huawei terminals with Kirin processors

Time 07/01/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

Although the fact that Huawei phones come without Google services may bother many, some users have adapted quickly. Thus, they manage to procure their own applications through sites such as APK Mirror. Moreover, some have even managed to force the installation of Google services.

Following a post on the Reddit forums, we learn today that Google would block the installation of its applications on both new and older Huawei devices with Kirin series processors. The user who started the conversation states that he tested the installation of the Google Maps APK on both Huawei P40 and Huawei P30 and P20. After many attempts, an error is displayed stating that the device processor is not compatible with the application in question. As a suggestion, it is recommended to install the "official" application.

We already know that Huawei is planning to upgrade its devices to Harmony OS, its own operating system. Just a few days ago I wrote that the beta version is already available, and the stable version is on its way (details here).

The user also allegedly tried to install Google Maps using the same APK on an older Samsung device, and the installation proceeded normally. He says Google would not be too happy to see the giant expand, so it would try to stop the Chinese company.

The Chinese giant is currently using its own app store - App Gallery, and recently the Petal Maps app has also become available. We also mention the own ecosystem that works quite well even now, when the devices run on different OS. If Huawei manages to implement Harmony OS on both phones and other devices, the ecosystem will become even more reliable.

Recently, the US government granted the Chinese company the right to cooperate with multiple companies such as Qualcomm for the supply of CPUs or Samsung Display for the supply of screens. Thus, Google would have cause for concern, seeing the speed with which Huawei manages to grow.

However, several forum members say that the apps can still be installed on both new devices like Huawei P40 and older ones like Mate 20 Pro. Thus, we are curious if the rumors are true and we invite Huawei terminal users to share their experience with us in a comment below in the article.