Yahoo is now on money: what is Yahoo Mobile and why it costs $ 40 a month

Time 19/04/2022 By mhb

No other company has gone through what Yahoo has been through. From a market leader to almost nothing, from an independent company to a division of a telecom operator. It could have a different way of life from 2020. And that's exactly thanks to telecom operator Verizon.

Yahoo, as a brand, turned 25 in 2020. However, it is far from what it meant in the early 2000's. Today, the brand is controlled by Verizon, and many of the products developed or purchased over time have been sold or closed.

Verizon has a secondary plan for this division. That's why he created Yahoo Mobile, a mobile phone and internet subscription that sells for $ 40 a month and has access to the 4G LTE network.

Yahoo Mobile will most likely be for the United States only

Yahoo e de acum și pe bani: ce e Yahoo Mobile și de ce costă 40 de dolari pe lună

Yahoo Mobile is both a subscription and a telecom network. But it's a virtual one based on Verizon's infrastructure. For Americans who will give $ 40 a month, the company promises them unlimited: 4G internet, texting and calling. But it's not exactly the 4G speed you got used to in Romania and at times it can be even below 5 Mbps.

What's interesting about Verizon's plan is that Yahoo Mobile is a pretty "digitized" product. Customers need a Yahoo account, receive the Mail Pro package (costs $ 3.5 per month and 1 TB of storage) and there is an app. Through this, customers can see what consumption they have registered, offers, but also how they can pay digitally.

What is now Yahoo Mobile is more of a repackaging of the Visible product already available in the market. All $ 40, all unlimited.

Even if it is not the most natural strategy to maintain the Yahoo brand, it could be the new stage for it. After 25 years of online service, it is completely different. On the other hand, Google, in this area, was not very successful with the Fi project.