What to expect when you take a laptop in your second hand

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Today is the day you decided to take the big step.You are tired of being tied to a desktop all day, closed in an artificially illuminated room when outside is so beautiful and so spring.But at the same time, you still have to work, so you can't afford to fly freely through the park.What is to be done?A laptop, of course!One to allow you continues your work outdoors, unstoppable by oppressive walls or depressing neon.And then you look at the price of one and you come back in the beam and type in the dark, abandoning the sunlight and the call of nature.

Dar dacă ai lua un laptop la mâna a doua?

Eh, now you open new cheap opportunities in front of you, a whole world of possibilities for a limited budget and a holy wallet.Opportunities, but also dangers.To help those who want to buy a used laptop, we gathered a series of tips, or you want to take it from a store that is specialized on something, or from a friend/relative/acquaintance.tangential, either from a second-hand sales site, or from that dubious individual on that deserted street that has for inexplicable reasons a laptop trunk.No matter where you would take it, you must have the following in mind:

Descrieri mincinoase

This problem will often be encountered when you buy a used laptop from a site and not always malicious.Some of those who sell a laptop may not know exactly what configuration it has, so they will make the amount of RAM, they will confuse an SSD with an HDD, they will put a 7 instead of a 3 at the processor, and so on.When you have the face-to-face laptop, you will be able to figure out exactly what configuration it has and in what general condition the system is, but from the pictures on the Internet you can be misled..You will also meet in descriptions and mention such as "Perfect Functional", "almost unused", "has not stepped on it so far", which will not always be correct.That is why it is very important to have the option to return that laptop, or be able to inspect it with your own eyes before purchase.Otherwise you will have all kinds of unpleasant surprises.

Bateria este probabil moartă

An undeniable fact of current technology is that batteries die.After three years of use the endurance of a battery reaches the level at which a laptop is no longer a portable device, unless you do with it on the road is to let it, to wait to load Windows, and then close it.The older a laptop is and has more wear signs, the safer you will either have to find another, functional battery, for it, or you will have to use it as a desktop.The additional cost of a battery should be considered when buying a laptop in the second hand.You will not have any problems with finding one, unless you take a very old used laptop for which no compatible models have been produced for years.In this case, I'm sorry to tell you but have a desktop now.Or, if you have any passion for craft, you can disassemble the dead battery and scorch through various places after still functional batteries you can replace the existing ones.After all, a laptop battery was not made by Skynet or Odin, so if necessary you can create your own battery.Below is a small practical guide for how one can be done.

Tastatura este cu siguranță un hazard biologic

People are deeply disgusting creatures, and a keyboard that has been used by the same person is undoubtedly horrible.If you have taken a laptop from a place other than a store that really deals with hardware restoration, I recommend using gloves to handle the laptop until you clean it.Take some alcohol, some napkins, in case of panic you can throw it in a washing machine with everything or you can set them on fire.It is important to make sure that used laptop is disinfect, cleaned and does not risk infecting you with something unpleasant.Sure, maybe some of you will consider it not so important that I exaggerate, but I saw keyboards moving insects.Not one.Not two.Settlements.And not small insects, unobservable with the naked eye, but the kind of insects you see from the opposite end of the camera.

Există șanse bune că cineva să fi vărsat suc sau cafea în el

La ce să te aștepți când iei un laptop la mâna a doua

Going on the idea that people are disgusting, they are also nasty.So a second -hand laptop has certainly passed through various adventures.Someone at one point spilled something on it.If it was a carbon-guided drink with a lot.But the problem extends beyond the keyboard, because a laptop in general is not sealed against fluid infiltration.So some components were probably affected, leading to their degradation and inevitable failure.Without breaking your laptop and benoclating to the motherboard you will definitely not know how affected it might be.But you will realize this when things start to flicker, who should not flicker, or things that should not do "foss".If you open it, it would probably not hurt to clean it from dust and insects inside.

Ecranul ar putea avea surprize

If you take a laptop from various dubious individuals on the Internet, and somehow see that in every picture where the system is started there is a hand on the screen, or only part of it appears in the pictures, I have to news for you.That screen will probably have to be repaired.Either from the falls, or from the drums, or because someone's nephew has shone on a laptop could be damaged.In the best case, a contact was detached at the lighting behind the LCD and should only be stuck in place.If you do not have the necessary tools for this then you will probably have to call a service.In the worst case you have a crack in the screen that makes a considerable piece of it unusable.Without replacing it could solve the problem if the crack is in a corner, or close to an end.Simply move windows to avoid the area.I have the impression that you can use some software to set a customized resolution and move it in such a way as to avoid that piece of the screen altogether, but I do not put your hand in the fire that this solution will be universally valid..

Probabil vei avea nevoie de un SSD

As standard, you will not find a laptop as strong as a desktop of the same price, the second hand or not.But a very good way you can make any more sprinting laptop is to put an SSD on it.Most of those you will find in the second hand will have slow and old HDDs so adding an SSD will be very welcome.The operating system will load faster, the various programs will be more sprint, and the fact that you use worn hardware will be less obvious.And if the system already had one, maybe it would still be good to take a new one.If it was an older laptop, it would probably use an older generation SSD with low endurance, so a more modern and spoiled storage unit would not break.

Formatează, șterge, curăță tot

Even if you do not replace the storage unit, it would be good to delete everything on it.All.Don't even insert a USB in it, form, burn, destroy everything you find.That should do the one selling the laptop but not all of them have so much imagination.A system used by a person you don't know could be full of viruses could have so much adware and bloatware that it doesn't even work properly.Not to tell whom you know what other things could have left the former owner there.There are things that cannot be unseen.I have severe doubts that someone has forgotten a wallet with 10 Bitcoin and his password in a text file.

Vei avea nevoie de un sistem de operare

Now that you have deleted everything, you will probably have to install a new operating system.Most laptops tend to come up with a pre-installed windows and a key should be stuck somewhere over there.If not, or if the operating system is ancient, you will need to get one on your own.A Windows 10 License is not exactly super-Jewish and will add a lot to the price of a laptop SH.So you could opt for one of the tens/hundreds of linux variants floating through the ether.You don't have to be afraid, Linux doesn't bite you, won't try to stab you as certain cubes.It is as configurable you want, as difficult as you want, as impractical or useful you want.Sure, you will not run the Adobe suite too soon, but do not take a used laptop without an operating system because you needed a portable editing station.Or you can live a little adventure, throw a more unorthodox bone on it.Put an arcos, a reaction, maybe even a templeos on it.Live dangerously!(but not too dangerous)

Probabil va trebui sa scormonești după drivere

If the laptop is damn old, the last step you will have to take in order to work everything is right to get drivers.Normally that would not be a problem, most of all modern operating systems tend to support ancient hardware.But on the laptops side they tend to be problems because we are sometimes talking about custom hardware, made by companies that could no longer exist or have been bought and sold so many times that all of them is of them isa name.There will be the occasional Wi-Fi or Bluetooth adapter that does not work, a sound plate that does not pound, but generally each other component will work.The video side is the domain of Intel, Nvidia or AMD so you can at least force an equivalent driver on the desktop.And the internet will be able to get it either through Ethernet or a USB modem.

Există o șansă de 5% că este furat

You probably know what country we live in.If not, you will have a shock in the near future.So occasionally you will give a laptop at a very good price, which one could say is not the legal property of the sell.If you are sold from a luggage compartment suspiciously full of electronics, without a charger, you can be sure it has good chances not to be legally acquired.And the legislation qualifies the acquisition of stolen goods knowingly as a concealment and attracts serious consequences.If bought from the Internet, it may be harder to figure out its origin, so be careful, especially if it is a newer laptop model.If it is an ages with a thicker jeg layer as a macbook air on it, you can be sure it is not stolen.But if it is a new MacBook Air, barely used, without a box, no charger, little attention does not break.

Following these tips you have a little better chance to find a laptop whose purchase you will not regret it in full.There is a lot to say on this topic, so in separate articles of the near future I will cover what laptops you should have in mind when you start hunting for one in the second hand and what you could do with the cheapest withpower you can find on the market.

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