US Ambassador: "Now Huawei is the wrong choice"

Time 26/03/2023 By myhoneybakedfeedback

The American ambassador in Romania has published an opinion, in which he expresses his surprise at the massive appearance in the Romanian press of some Chinese propaganda articles, paid for by the Huawei company, which wants to enter the Romanian 5G market.

"Huawei and the Chinese Embassy continue to try to mislead the Romanian people. The purported clarifications of Huawei's position shared by the embassy, ​​various authors with controversial pasts, and Russian disinformation platforms are patently false and unhelpful. Chinese Communists despise freedom, the rule of law, human rights, and truth. Huawei and its Chinese Communist bosses in Beijing are masters of intimidation, influence peddling and trying to prevent honest Romanians from knowing the truth. It is even more incomprehensible that some Romanian publications yield so easily to the power of the almighty RON and publish propaganda for these corrupt entities and for the communists. It is even more incomprehensible that some Romanian publications yield so easily to the power of the almighty RON and publish propaganda for these corrupt entities and for communists.​

Huawei has been indicted for its practice of using fraud and deception to steal trade secrets. According to a statement from the Department of Justice on February 13, 2019, the charges include Huawei and four official and unofficial subsidiaries - Huawei Device Co. Ltd. (Huawei Device), Huawei Device USA Inc. (Huawei USA), Futurewei Technologies Inc. (Futurewei) and Skycom Tech Co. Ltd. (Skycom) - as well as Huawei's CFO Wanzhou Meng (Meng) ...

As revealed by the government's independent investigation and review of court records, the new allegations in the case relate to alleged decades-long efforts by Huawei and several of its subsidiaries, both in the U.S. and in the People's Republic of China, to fraudulently appropriate intellectual property, including from six US technology companies, to develop and operate Huawei's business. The intellectual property appropriated included trade secrets and copyrighted works such as software source code and user manuals for Internet routers, signal transmission technology and robot testing technology. Huawei, Huawei USA and Futurewei agreed to reinvest the proceeds of this alleged scam into Huawei's global business, including the United States.

The means and methods of the alleged fraud included entering into confidentiality agreements with the right holders of the intellectual property and then violating the terms of the agreements by fraudulently misappropriating the intellectual property for the defendants' own commercial benefit. It also included recruiting and coordinating employees of other companies to fraudulently appropriate the intellectual property of their former employers. It also included the use of middlemen, such as professors working at research institutes, to obtain the technique and supply it to the defendants. As part of this scheme, Huawei allegedly launched a strategy by instituting a bonus program to financially reward employees who obtained valuable confidential information from competitors.

US Ambassador:

Huawei's efforts to steal trade secrets and other complex technology from the US have been successful. Through the deceptive methods described above, the defendants obtained non-public intellectual property relating to the source code of Internet router software, signal transmission technology and robotics. By stealing technology and intellectual property, Huawei was able to drastically reduce its R&D costs and associated delays, giving the company a significant and unfair competitive advantage.

When confronted with evidence of the crimes, the defendants allegedly repeatedly made false statements to U.S. officials, including FBI agents and representatives of the House Secret Service Committee, in connection with their efforts to -and fraudulently own trade secrets. Similarly, defendants engaged in obstructive behavior to minimize the risk of litigation and investigation, including investigation leading to prosecution.

The new indictment also includes new allegations against Huawei and its subsidiaries regarding involvement in business and technology projects in countries subject to US, EU or UN sanctions, such as Iran or North Korea, as well as efforts company to conceal the purpose of that involvement. The defendants' activities, which included arrangements to ship Huawei goods and services to users in sanctioned countries, were typically conducted through local subsidiaries in those states. Evidence that the conduct of those businesses in sanctioned areas was a sensitive subject is also the fact that internal documents, allegedly belonging to Huawei, referred to such destinations with code names. For example, the code "A2" referred to Iran, and "A9" referred to North Korea.

Huawei employees also allegedly lied about Huawei's connection to Skycom, falsely claiming it was not a Huawei subsidiary. The company also argued that Huawei had only limited operations in Iran and that it had not violated US law or other laws or regulations related to Iran. In fact, the indictment alleges that Skycom was Huawei's unofficial subsidiary that, among other services, assisted the Iranian government in conducting domestic surveillance, including during the 2009 Tehran demonstrations.

It is incomprehensible that a Romanian can plead for Huawei or for the Chinese communists. It is even more incomprehensible that some Romanian publications yield so easily to the power of the almighty RON and publish propaganda for these corrupt entities and for the communists. I was in Bucharest in December 2019; I stood in front of the Ministry of the Interior, I read the names of the martyrs who lost their lives 30 years ago in the revolution against the communists. I don't want Romanian children to have to read the names of future martyred patriots, because of the money received by the greedy media from unscrupulous Chinese communist actors, to publish their propaganda. The Chinese Communists control the media and press in China and want to do exactly the same in Romania. Don't let them! Just say NO!

The Chinese Communist Party monitors the lives of all citizens in China. The Chinese Communists monitor their people through various technologies, including the Internet, surveillance cameras placed throughout the country, telephones and other equipment. Companies such as Tencent, Dahua Technology, Hikvision, SenseTime, ByteDance, Megvii, Huawei and ZTE have created products, hardware and software, to support the Communist Government in implementing China's internet security law. As part of the Skynet project, more than 200 million closed-circuit TV cameras were placed in China last year alone. By the end of this year, the number is expected to exceed 600 million.

Mobile phone apps are also used in China to allow citizens to report the "misbehavior" of their friends and neighbors! The Chinese Communists call it social surveillance. Wasn't Romania there 30 years ago? Is that what you want again? Big data collections and analytics, facial recognition and social media monitoring – yeah, isn't Huawei awesome? Internet and social media monitoring by the central communist government would mean the return of the "good times" for Romania.

Huawei, its shell companies, and their hidden subsidiaries are now being held accountable for their pattern of criminality and espionage. The question remains about other Chinese Communist companies behaving the same way. Employees of Namibia's Nuctech company have been accused of bribing the public sector with tens of millions. Earlier this year, Nuctech bribed high-ranking police officers in Taiwan. Again, we are talking about more public procurement and more suitcases of money from the Chinese Communists. This is now also happening in Romania.

Advanced 5G technologies in transportation, defense, energy, law enforcement and ordinary daily life will bring new opportunities to the world. We can build secure infrastructure for a clean 5G network today to shape the digital world of tomorrow. However, Huawei and the Chinese communists want to make Romania the supervised country it was 30 years ago - just like communist China is. Send a message to Beijing - the surveillance state based on the communist model no longer exists in Romania. President Trump and the American people had the courage to say "No." I know that the brave and courageous Romanian people will also say "No". The Romanian people want democracy, private life, decency and the rule of law. The Romanian people want to get them the RIGHT way and that's why Huawei is the WRONG choice for Romania", says the United States Ambassador to Romania, Adrian Zuckerman.