Changing WhatsApp that directly affects you: How do you help you gain space on your phone

Time 16/07/2022 By mhb

WhatsApp continuă să fie una dintre cele mai populare aplicații de chat de pe mapamond, iar unul dintre motivele principale din spatele acestei situații ține de actualizările constante și beneficiile derivate din acestea.Schimbarea WhatsApp care te afectează direct: cum te ajută să câștigi spațiu pe telefon

WhatsApp has a number of interesting functions that you may not know, but that works without any intervention on your part.For example, the chat application is constantly backup to your entire activity in-APP, both locally, in your phone memory and on Google servers.If the space occupied on Google Drive by the respective safety copies are not interested in your own phone can lead to problems with internal memory.

A new update at WhatsApp, currently in Beta, promises to solve the problem of free space on the phone through a mechanism as friendly as possible and without any effort from the user.The change is aimed at the status of WhatsApp, the equivalent of the Story on Instagram or the Facebook stories.

WhatsApp solves the problem of busy space on the phone, partially

If you often use the status of status on WhatsApp and add clips or profile pictures, that content is automatically saved in a local archive.Moreover, those statuses are saved in the safety copies that the chat application makes automatically, on the phone and Google Drive.

In the Beta de Android version, Wabetainfo observed your previous status or WhatsApp Stores are no longer backup.The main reason behind this decision is about the very generous space that they get to occupy the safety copies.In the context in which those statuses are posted, and the photos and clips are probably on the phone, it is not an enormous loss if you do not save backup.Moreover, if you are used to posting stories or identical stories on WhatsApp and Facebook or Instagram, you can find them in the archives of the two latter platforms, owned by Mark Zuckerberg.