The option from Banca Transilvania that all Romanians should know.It's extremely simple to use

Time 25/06/2022 By mhb

Banca Transilvania a insistat foarte mult în 2020 cu digitalizarea. Și în multe privințe a reușit. Dar încă sunt opțiuni de care clienții încă nu știu.Opțiunea de la Banca Transilvania de care toți românii ar trebui să știe. E extrem de simplu de folosit

If you have an account at Banca Transilvania, it is good to know that you should take advantage of as much as possible from the digital options that the bank offers.For example, you have BT Pay and Neo applications through which you can control all kinds of settings for your cards and accounts.

One of the most useful options is that you can block a direct card in the application, without having to call the bank."Every time you find your card, you enter #neoapp or BT Pay and lock it yourself.And if you find it later, with a fast gesture you unlock it exactly the same place.As if nothing had happened! ”Explains BT.

If you need to block your card, for example, you enter the application and choose a new setting.You have 3 variants: temporarily blocked, lost or stolen.

Thus, no one can make money from the ATM with that card, make contactless payments or online shopping.If you arrive in his possession again, you can activate it quickly.You block and unlock it no matter how many times you need.

Option from Banca Transilvania to know where your money goes

BT also offers, in the Neo application, Neo Radar.In short, he tells you what you spent the money, but especially where, to know where they go from your account.At the same time, there is also Neobt Neo Cash.Instead of relying on the card for withdrawal, you can use the "invisible" card in the application.Through Neo, as you get from BT Pay, you have a code you can use at ATM.

And if you have the application, you should also know about Neo Travel.You travel, but you use the more suitable currency for shopping on vacation.You can use foreign currency so that you do not pass the lions through the daily currency course.And this is a very popular option for revolut users, for example.