Huawei Watch GT 2e Review: A smartwatch for athletes, with AMOLED screen and impressive autonomy

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În ultimele săptămâni am avut ocazia să testez și un purtabil, mai precis ceasul inteligent Huawei Watch GT 2e – un smartwatch pentru sportivi care se remarcă prin prețul accesibil și lista generoasă de dotări. Livrează o autonomie impresionantă, are un ecran super luminos și arătos, iar la capitolul monitorizare vine cu un senzor pe care nu toate ceasurile îl oferă, deși este de mare ajutor.Huawei Watch GT 2e Review: Un smartwatch pentru sportivi, cu ecran AMOLED și autonomie impresionantă


Discover from the following lines that reserve this smartwatch, as they are presented in the design chapter and what are the strengths/negative.Those interested find it locally at amounts between 719 - 800 lei, but there were also special promotions in which it was sold for only 499 lei.

Unboxing and Design Huawei Watch GT 2e

In the square box of the clock you will first find the bearing, accompanied by a magnetic charging stand, a USB-C cable and a user manual.What I liked here is that the cable in the box is large, so the power can be made more comfortable.Normally with smartwatch, those mini cables are delivered that you all know and are lost instantly.

Cât despre design, pot spune că ceasul Huawei Watch GT 2e arată foarte bine, ba chiar foarte bine dacă mă întrebați pe mine. Adoptă un design simplist și arătos, este subțire, ușor și foarte confortabil alături de cureaua din silicon cu care vine echipat. Fără briz-brizuri, fără lucruri care nu sunt la locul lor, ci doar un design care îmbină funcționalitățile smart cu ideea de ceas clasic.Huawei Watch GT 2e Review: Un smartwatch pentru sportivi, cu ecran AMOLED și autonomie impresionantă

Those interested in size should know that the clock measures 53 x 46.8 x 10.8 mm in thickness and that weight reaches 43 grams (no belt).As materials are used here stainless steel and polycarbonate inserts.By the way, if you didn't already know, the Huawei Watch GT 2e is only available in this 46mm version.It comes on green, black or red and if necessary can also find protective foils for the screen.

Huawei Watch GT 2E display

In this case, an AMOLED tactile screen with diagonal 1 is offered.39 inches, resolution of 454 x 454 pixels.He supports gestures made by touch or swipe.The screen is as well as you can see, a circular one.Is surrounded by a pretty thin bezel ring.Depending on the color you will opt for, the design of this ring will be different.

Display-ul oferit de ceasul Huawei Watch GT 2e afișează culorii vii, acel negru profund caracteristic panourilor AMOLED și oferă o luminozitate peste așteptări. L-am ținut în majoritatea timpului pe modul Auto. Dar dacă aș fi ales un nivel de la 1 la 5, aș fi optat pentru nivelul 3, nivelul 5 fiind prea puternic. Răspunsul la atingere este instant și nu am nimic de obiectat la capitolul ecran.Huawei Watch GT 2e Review: Un smartwatch pentru sportivi, cu ecran AMOLED și autonomie impresionantă

Hardware and connectivity

Lucrurile continuă în aceeași manieră echilibrată și la nivel hardware, acolo unde avem un procesor Kirin A1, 16 MB RAM și 4 GB de stocare flash. Cât despre conectivitate, bifăm aici prezența suportului Bluetooth 5.1 ce permite conectarea la telefoane Android (minim 4.4) sau iOS (minim 9.0). Lipsește suportul Wi-Fi și pe ceas nu pot fi adăugate noi aplicații, astfel că trebuie să vă limitați la cele preinstalate.Huawei Watch GT 2e Review: Un smartwatch pentru sportivi, cu ecran AMOLED și autonomie impresionantă


Fitness functions

We also reach the chapter where this clock excels, namely the Fitness features.First of all you need to know that Huawei Watch GT 2e has GPS for tracking jogging sessions for example.Provides the endless pedometer and monitors the steps, the distance traveled.Monitors up to 85 sports and there is a self-detecting function of the sport made.

The clock also measures the number of calories burned, has a very useful breathing training, but also a warning function for sedentarism.The pulse sensor is on board and as a bonus we also have SPO2 sensor to measure blood oxygen saturation.At the latter measurement you will have to stand with my hand still 1-2 minutes for precise results.

We also check the sleep monitoring system, training audio courses, but also a function of measuring the level of stress.In connection with the fitness side, you need to know that the clock has 5atm certification for water resistance, so you don't have to worry if it takes the rain during a jogging session.

Software and autonomy

At the software level, the smartwatch comes with its own bone called Liteos that focuses on a simple experience.Can't install applications, has no Wi-Fi support and is focused on fitness monitoring in a smart manner.Even so there is a function that many will appreciate, the audio player.The clock offers 4 GB internal memory for storing 500 songs.They can be played via bluetooth on a pair of wireless headphones.

From the Health application available on your phone you can synchronize your data gathered from fitness workouts, but also add songs or change the theme-ceas.A lot of such topics are available as you see in the gallery below.As for interaction, by a Swipe gesture from top to bottom you reach the Notification Center.

From here you can activate the DND mode, set alarms, call for the function Find My Phone or access the Settings area.A bottom -up swipe will show your notifications.By swipe left to right or right to left pass through the menus for audio player, fitness monitoring data, weather, stress test, pulse monitoring.

Teme Huawei Watch GT 2E1 of 5

The physical button above is the back that takes you to the start screen.The secondary button can be customized for different actions, to me being set for SPO2 analysis.As functions there are still camera remote but also a flashlight.The autonomy is dream here and you reach lightly to a week of use without limiting anything.I reached even 10-11 days and in standby the clock leads up to 2 weeks.

Impressions Huawei Watch GT 2e

We draw line and reach the chapter impressions.As you can tell, the Huawei Watch GT 2e is a smartwatch created for sports lovers, fitness tracking being put here on the foreground.All the necessary monitoring functions are delivered, as well as some extra like the SPO2.The experience of use is simple and rich in precious information.The design is very nice, the generous and very bright screen, and the battery impresses with autonomy.

Huawei Watch GT 2e1 of 41

What I didn't like so much was the loading stand.It could be more premium and stable.In the current stage obliges to load the clock with the display on a flat surface.In this case where scratches may occur.Finally I can only recommend the Huawei Watch GT 2e for those interested more on the fitness side and less than all kinds of software fireworks.At the price of 499 lei to which he was listed is a true best buy buy.

Price and availability

The Huawei Watch GT 2E watch is available after in 3 color variants: red, green and black.Among these there are differences in ring design around the screen.You have prices listed below: