Huawei, another painful blow suffered by the Chinese: Radical decision taken in Spain

Time 24/01/2023 By mhb

Huawei does not seem to close the year "Plus", after the latest announcement from one of the most important telecommunications suppliers in Spain, telephone.

In December 2019, the Spanish telephone operator announced with trumpets and not to believe the spy rumors initiated by Americans towards Huawei.As a result, he decided at that time to use Huawei equipment to implement his own 5G network.Two years later the operator officials changed their minds and passed on Ericsson.The transition itself is not a problem, but the fact that many of Huawei's equipment were already installed and will now be replaced, according to Reuters.

Huawei equipment replaced with Ericsson in Spain

The Spanish telecommunications operator has announced that it will replace the Huawei equipment with devices of Swedish manufacturer Ericsson.Confirmation comes a few days after the Spanish newspaper Expansion cited anonymous sources close to the company with a similar message.

Huawei, încă o lovitură dureroasă suferită de chinezi: decizia radicală luată în Spania

Telephone has avoided stating that the decision is related to accusations related to espionage practices for Beijing authorities.Instead, it has drawn attention to the fact that replacing the retellistic equipment is part of the strategy announced by the telephone in 2019 for the diversification of the suppliers.

According to the data obtained by Expansion, Huawei's equipment has been purchased for a long time and installed as a temporary solution, until alternative suppliers for the same networking devices.It is not very clear how old are the Chinese giant equipment to be replaced, how many are or how much they cost.

Even though the Chinese group "has become accustomed to American sanctions", imposed since 2019, its new business areas related to 5G technology cannot counteract the losses generated by mobile phones, said Eric Xu, Huawei president..

The Spanish announcement comes a few weeks after they started circulating online about a spy scandal in Australia where Huawei equipment was involved.More details about those events can be found in this material - Huawei, in the center of another large -scale espionage scandal: what the Chinese have "attacked"