HP Instant Ink or how can you get your print on (half-year free) subscription, tested on HP ENVY 6020E

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Munca de acasă a intrat în corolarul zilnic a multe persoane sub impactul restricțiilor din ultimul an și jumătate, iar imprimanta de la birou a ajuns să fie folosită de acasă. Dacă vrei să scapi de grija cartușelor de cerneală și să descoperi un produs inedit de la HP, vă invit să parcurgeți rândurile următoare. HP Instant Ink sau cum poți să-ți faci abonament pentru serviciile de print (jumătate de an în mod gratuit), testat pe HP Envy 6020e

HP has launched an interesting service in our country.It is called HP Instant Ink and in large lines I could say that we have a subscription similar to mobile phone, and here instead of the monthly data traffic you are oriented towards the number of printed pages, and HP sends you the necessary cartridges at home., automatically.

What are printing plans?

Exactly as I said, those who printe regularly are targeted, but not in industrial quantities.

I chose the 100 -page plan per month - 24.99 lei / month.It is sufficient for what I print related to gadget.ro (contracts, annexes, etc.), but also what appears in the ordinary regime.For example, I go outside the country and I have to print my car insurance in our country for the first time I chose to receive it only in digital format, etc.

Over time I had various printers, but precisely because I did not use them continuously and I forgot about the change of cartridges, etc., I preferred not to use any.When I had something to print, I went to a city center.However, it happened when I needed to copy some documents to get the house notices to discover that there were no such centers (it was a closed one because they were on leave and I looked for a long time through my town at the timeThat is, in the end, a friend who has a small insurance office, etc.) helped me.

HP through Instant Ink allows you to scalify the subscription according to the need for printed pages and you will not be caught on the wrong foot when you need a copied or printed document.Plus you can make the transition to a subscription with more or fewer pages, depending on the need for pages that are estimated to be printed in a certain period.

It seems to me that HP is a roadblock from this point of view.The truth is that no one likes to be caught on the wrong foot and the cartridges end just as you need it.HP Instant Ink estimates when they are over, and the courier will be at the door with a new set.

How did we set the printer + Instant Ink HP subscription?

We accessed the subscription up to 100 pages at 25 lei / month and tested the service with the HP ENVY 6020E printer.It is a printer that occupies small space, princes, copy and scan.I did not know that in the meantime, the printers are more cheerful at the LED level, in the front of the HP ENVY 6020E discover a diffuse light in different shades that also have an indicator role, etc.

Pulses purple - the printer is wireless;

Blue pulses - the printer is connected to the network;

Blue - connected / ready to use;

Intense yellow (amber) - problem in use, check the HP Smart application to find a solution;

Green pulses - the printer is updated or is busy.

The printer comes with two setup cartridges, low capacity, one color (in the purple shade) and the other black.After I made the subscription, I received two Instant Ink cartridges by courier.

In the front of the printer there are several tactile buttons (Wi-Fi, copying, etc.).The paper supply is done in the front, and the introduction of the two cartridges seemed easy, a support must be lifted and it slips into their place.Two pages are printed: one of alignment to be scanned and the second test (details in the image gallery).

I did the whole set of setting from the smartphone.I installed the HP Smart (Android, iOS) application.It has 47.91 MB.I selected the printer model, and from the initial stage I signed up for HP Instant Ink (you save up to 70% in ink).

I have configured the HP ENVY 6020E printer.You have to provide access to the location to use Wi-Fi Direct technology (HP says the information does not reach them, only locally).The connection was made to the wireless network, entered the password.There are a few stages they go through:

I activated HP+ and here you have a unique promotion:

A HP account is required, enter the phone number.You will receive an activation code.I chose the plan of 24.99 lei and here it is necessary to add a bank card, and in the validation process it retains 1 leu.Also enter the delivery data for the cartridges that come by courier.I repeat, the first 6 months of ink subscription are free.You will receive email information about the delivery of cartridges through the courier service.

Of course, you can also opt for classic USB, PC and HP Smart connection.

The printer should be placed on a flat surface, added paper to the dedicated tray.A parade of alignment to be scanned is printed.In order to start the process itself, it needs the HP print service plugin (you can find it in the play store, through it you can print at home, work or away).

I come back in a few weeks with a video in which to tell the whole experience of use.

How do you think HP Instant Ink and the idea of having a scalable subscription for the printer cartridges?

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