How to unlock an Android without PIN or Unlock Drawing

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Any smartphone or tablet comes with integrated security measures. If you forget them, however, it is worth knowing how to unlock an Android without them. your other information. Sometimes, however, they get to not let you access your device menu. It matters less. Something else is much more important. There is a way you can go through them, and if this is impossible, at least you can use your smartphone again. Never advice below on another person's gadget without their consent. Not the other, but you are exclusively responsible for the actions that will be taken against you. Now that we have recorded all these aspects, let's move on to the actual tutorial "How do you unlock an Android without knowing the PIN or the Unlock Drawing?"

How do you unlock an Android without knowing the drawing? >

The so-called Pattern Lock or a finger-drawn pattern is a fairly effective security solution, especially if you have made the effort to make it quite complex. If you have forgotten it, however, there are a few steps you can follow to regain access to the data stored on the device. If you are fortunate for one of those attempts to unlock your device, you're lucky. If not, after the five attempts on the screen will appear a message that will warn you that you have to wait 30 seconds to try again.

on the screen, after pressing OK on that Message, in the lower right corner you will have two additional "Forgot Pattern" and "Backup Pin" options. You can use them to access your Android.

If Backup PIN is not available, wait for 30 seconds and will be accessible. It is worth keeping in mind that when you defined your unlock drawing, you also entered a pine as an additional protective measure, that is now.

When you introduce it on Screen, you will be automatically directed to the Screen Unlock Settings from the phone configuration menu to define another Pattern Lock. Also from here, you can activate or disable another security measure. Unlocking wrong five times or PIN code, at the bottom of the screen, make a TAP on the Pattern Forgot. At some devices, that message could be Forgot Password. At this point, you need to know the password of the Gmail account. /2/25/f3c50887ad41f8e1eb0d7468b9059b5e.jpeg "alt =" How to unlock a pine -free android drawing "Title =" How to unlock an Android without a pine or the drawing ">

in the extremely unpleasant situation where you do not know your Google account password, call a computer smartphone or tablet and try to recover it using this address. is complicated. This is normal. Otherwise, there would be no point in configuring a security measure on your smartphone or tablet. However, if you ask yourself the question how you unlock an Android in such circumstances, there are a few solutions. . If you do not already have one, you should create it now, when you do not need it.

it can help you unlock your gadget. Using a computer or tablet, enter your favorite browser on

in this window, authenticate with your username and password for your Samsung account created previously and configured on the android with problems. Now, click on UNLOCK My Device on the left hand side menu and a second click on UNLOCK My Screen. After reaching it, a few seconds away, the smartphone will be unlocked, a context in which, you can enter its menu to configure another security method.

if it was not obvious, this solution only works If the phone or tablet in question is connected to the internet, either via wifi or 3g.

How do you unlock an Android using a paid third application? Equal to exist and not to exist such an application, it is worth considering it in major emergencies. In theory, there are available on Google Play many applications that praise you to learn how to unlock an Android and many of them even perform this action.

The problem is that most require root rights and not many Of you you root your phone or tablet. The alternative is a paid application.

for the purpose of this tutorial I recommend Screen Lock Bypass Pro. Stages, it may represent the only solution. Unfortunately, although it works very well, it is not compatible with any Android, which is why there is a risk associated with its purchase. It would be best to study a little before whether or not it fits your phone. For this reason, enter the with your Google account and password.

Look for Screen Lock Bypass Pro or click on the link above. Purchase it and opt to install it on your smartphone, taking care that the device is not connected to the outlet or PC. , either by removing the battery or pressing a few seconds on the power button. A few seconds after starting, the unlocking process will be automatically initiated and in the middle of the screen the activated button will appear. Make a TAP on it to reset the security measures. To know that you can do something to be able to use your device, even if you lose all the information stored on it. If the photos and movies taken with the phone are stored on a card, and the agenda and notes are synchronized with your Google account, in practice you will not lose much data.

anyway, it would be advisable not to resort to This procedure unless you take the risk of having no access to anything you had before. the phone menu. However, if you do not have access to the menu, there is an alternative to starting the device in the Recovery Mode for executing the same scenario. to the device varies from the device to the device. Or contact your own device manufacturer to start it in the Recovery. The web address is a good start point to find the right combination of your phone or tablet. Press simultaneously on Power, Home and Volume Up to pass it in Recovery mode. displayed the manufacturer's logo, immediately after pressing the Power button to start it. A few lines of text you can browse using the volume adjustment buttons. To choose one of the options, click Power.

In this situation, we are interested in Wipe Data / Factory Reset. Move the cursor to its position and press the power. Confirm the choice and wait 5-10 minutes. At the end of the process, the gadget will restart and you will have to go through the initial configuration again, enter your email, Google account and the other information.