How do you unlock an iPhone with a single touch in iOS 10

Time 18/06/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

În iOS 10, Apple a schimbat radical modul de deblocare al unui smartphone, dar dacă ai Touch ID, poți în continuare să deblochezi un iPhone cu o singură atingere.Cum deblochezi un iPhone cu o singură atingere în iOS 10

Since the first version of iOS, since the time be bore iPhoneos, and most of us used an iPhone 3G or 3GS, Apple phones were associated with the slide to unlock gesture.The gesture of "sliding for unlocking" was also the subject of a process between Samsung and Apple a few years ago.Unfortunately, or fortunately, the cuptino giant eliminated that feature in iOS and, in theory, simplified the unlock system.

From the time of launch iOS 10, to unlock an iPhone, press the main button and eventually enter the unlock code.If you do not have such a code, press Home once to enter the main menu.The sliding gestures over the locking screen of the device take you either to the list of notifications and widgets, if sliding to the left or on the room application, if sliding to the right.

Obviously, such radical changes are not the most enjoyable for users, because they require an adaptation period.The most upset are iPhone users with fingerprint sensor or Touch ID.The list includes users of iPhone 5S, iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 6s/6s Plus and iPhone iOS 10, if you only once press the Home button, you were almost immediately on the main screen of the device, with a single touch.After UPDATE, by default, the first press displays the lock screen, helps you reach the widgets and take a picture.The second press, the main ECRNA is displayed, from which you can run your favorite applications.

To return to the old unlocking mode, from a single press, enter settings or configurations, at the general section-accessibility.A little below on this screen, tap the main button.Once you get here, make sure you have ticked opening to the finger or rest finger to open.That was all.From now on, every time you hold your finger on the unlock button, you will get almost instantly to your list of apps.