How do you recover all the messages on WhatsApp after you change your phone

Time 13/07/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

Even if you want to change your phone, you certainly want to have all the old messages on WhatsApp available on the new device.

Configuring a new phone is not a pleasant process for too many people.In the case of most applications, the old messages in your account will appear automatically on the new device, but this is not the case of WhatsApp.Things are a little more complicated in terms of app.

How do you recover the old messages from WhatsApp

În primul rând, noile versiuni de WhatsApp includ backup-uri automate ale mesajelor pe Google Drive. Procesul este simplu: vei apăsa pe cele trei puncte verticale din dreapta ecranului, apoi Setări > Conversații > Backup conversații. Poți selecta ca backup-ul să se facă fie manual, fie automat. Astfel, de fiecare dată când instalezi aplicația, chiar și pe un alt dispozitiv, vei vedea toate conversațiile anterioare.

This makes the transfer of messages from your history on WhatsApp much easier.

Cum recuperezi toate mesajele de pe WhatsApp după ce îți schimbi telefonul

If you use an older Android phone that does not yet have the backup feature on Google Drive, there are other ways you can recover the old messages on WhatsApp.On the one hand, you can use an external memory card.Thus, you will back up this, then you will enter it in the new phone, where all the conversations will appear.

On the other hand, you can connect your phone to a PC via a USB cable, after which you will search the internal memory of the WhatsApp/Database Folder: here the backup is done.You will copy the file with a name similar to it: mgstore.db.crypt12 (the name is different from device to device).You will copy it to your desktop.

The next step is the installation of WhatsApp on the new device, but you will not start the application yet.Connect the new phone to your PC and copy the previously mentioned file to the device you want to have all the old messages on WhatsApp.After you confirm your phone number you will receive a notification that will announce that it has found an available backup.