How do you repair office if you have problems with Word, Excel or Outlook

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If you often use Excel or Word, it would be good to learn and how you repair office.Not the other, but at one point you may get stuck or refuse to start and stay without the "object of work".

Indiferent de domeniul în care lucrați, sunt șanse foarte să fi interacționat vreodată cu un document Word sau un tabel în Excel. Suita de aplicații de birou a celor de la Microsoft are deja peste două decenii și, deși numărul aplicațiilor incluse nu a crescut semnificativ, funcționalitatea Word, Excel, PowerPoint sau Outlook a devenit mult mai complexă și mai utilă în același timp.Cum repari Office, dacă ai probleme cu Word, Excel sau Outlook

Unfortunately, like any more complex PC program, the Microsoft Office Suite has bad days.In most cases, this detail is reflected in error messages when you expect less, problems saving files and refusing to start.However, these are just a few examples, because the variables are many, almost as many as the problems you can face and, in no way, you cannot foresee them.Instead, with a little attention and patience, you immediately learn how you repair office, a much faster solution than to delete everything and take it from the end.

How do you repair office from control panel

There are many reasons why you may have tests with Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Outlook.It may be related to a virus or malware that has been anchored as an extension in the office.There is also the possibility that the data on the hard disk may be corrupt due to a hardware or software problem.These details are relevant because it would be good to go through a few stages premiering to the office repair, in case of difficulties.In other words, scan your hard drive with Chkdsk or check your virus system, and if that hasn't solved the office problems, move on.

Intrați în Control Panel, fie din meniul Start în versiunile mai vechi de Windows, fie printr-un click dreapta pe butonul de Start și alegând Control Panel din meniul contextual. De aici, vă interesează secțiunea Program and Feature. Dați dublu click pe ea și așteptați să se încarce o listă cu toate programele instalate. Căutați Microsoft Office.Cum repari Office, dacă ai probleme cu Word, Excel sau Outlook

If you have Office 365, right -click on it and opt for Change.From the next window, select online Repair and press Repair to the bottom right to initiate the repair process.Get ready to wait between two and 15 minutes.In the case of a standard version of office, whether it is Professional, Business or Enterprise, select your office suite from the list of installed programs and press Change in the menu bar above.Of the options available in the new window, select Repair and press Continue.Again, load with a bit of patience and at the end, if applicable, accept the proposal to restart the PC to complete the repair process.

How we diagnosed the problems you encounter with Office 2007

In Office 2007, an automated diagnostic and repair system entitled Microsoft Office Diagnostics was introduced.The advantage of this tool compared to the detailed above is that it checks the RAM, tests the compatibility of your computer applications and try to find out if it is a hard disk problem.

To use Microsoft Office Diagnostics, either click on the Start and start searching, or go to the All Programs section, and from Microsoft Office Tools, click on Microsoft Office Diagnostics.In the diagnostic assistant, at the first screen, press Continue, in the second step, opt for Run Diagnoses.There is a possibility that you need the installation kit of Suite Office at this step, to replace corrupt files automatically if they are found.It is not mandatory for this to happen.In the end, if problems are found, they will be detailed on a web page that will open automatically.Accept the proposed solutions and press Continue.Wait again, a few moments, completion of the process.

How you repair office 365

The most accessible variant of getting in possession of an office legal license, involves opting for Office 365. This is an office version where you pay an annual subscription, but you also have the benefit of permanent free updates at the latest version.Moreover, it is a little easier to repair Office 365 than one of Office Professional, Business or Enterprise.

If you want to learn how to repair Office 365, the first step involves downloading a utility entitled Outlook Support Center.Ignore the reference to Outlook in the title, because this pro -germ is able to solve any problems you have with any of the installed office applications.As a small background detail, the same utility invites you to install a person from Microsoft, if you call a support line when you have a problem with office applications.Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant for Office 365 download can be initiated from this address, using the Download Now button at the top of the web page.

The little progrămel above is installed on the computer with a few simple steps, and in the end you will meet a window with a few very suggestive options.Once you reach here, use the Sign button in the upper right right and log in with your Microsoft username and password, the same one you made your subscription to Office 365. Click on Office Setup, the first option at the top ofwindow and press Next.Wait a few minutes until this configuration assistant is trying to fix your problem.

Has not resolved?Completely uninstall your office suite.

Sometimes the most obvious solution is also the most effective.In the case of Office, this principle translates to the complete uninstall of the entire package of programs in a comprehensive way, so as not to leave the files that will influence you in any way reinstallation.To this end, Microsoft has created a dedicated utility that works as well, regardless of the office version you have installed.It can be downloaded with a click on this link.Again, do not forget that this solution deletes you from the computer everything of office, not just Word or Excel.

Download the little office Easy Fix Tool, run it and press Next to the first screen.Choose to completely uninstall office from your PC and let it scan your hard disk until any version you have or have ever had it.Press Apply This Fix from the wait.In the end you should have a marked message "uninstalllation success".Restart your computer when required.In the end, you can reinstall Office if you want to give it a chance, and the problem that forced you to go through all these steps should be remedied.