Honor Magic V is the name of the first foldable brand separate from Huawei;Receive an official teaser

Time 25/01/2023 By myhoneybakedfeedback

An information we have known for some time is that the Honor works at a foldable first smartphone, a model that has had a few more appearances, but with nothing concrete..Only today, the separated brand from Huawei last year comes with important news.The first folding smartphone of the company will be called Honor Magic V and will be launched soon.

We also have an official teaser above that presents the foldable smartphone from an angle that alludes to the name worn and the letter "V", and as a format it will be similar to Z Fold3 or Huawei Mate X2.Will open like a book and reach a 7-8-inch diagonal as a tablet.From this teaser it seems that the phone is quite thin, but we can deceive ourselves because of the wave of mystery and black in the picture.

Honor Magic V este numele primului pliabil al brandului separat de HUAWEI; Primește un teaser oficial

I remind you that for a long time this terminal was known as Honor Magic X and that besides it, the Honor brand also worked on a folding variant with flap that in Leaks appeared as Magic Wing.We do not know when exactly has the debut, but maybe the following teases will clarify us and we can find out other details about the Magic V..