Google Photo will no longer provide unlimited storage of June 1, 2021

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Este o măsură ce va stârni multe reacții. Google Photos este folosit printre altele pentru faptul că oferă stocare nelimitată a imaginilor la calitate înaltă (comprimate față de calitatea originală, dar la o rezoluție rezonabilă). Clipurile sunt stocate la 1080p, spre exemplu. Google Foto nu va mai oferi stocare nelimitată din 1 iunie 2021

A company official said it has become too expensive to maintain the backup for such an amount of images.I understand that every week would add 28 billion photos and videos, and in total it would have reached over 4 trillion photos on Google servers.

It will be an exception, Pixel smartphones will be able to store high quality photos in Google Photos, without having to pass on a plane that requires monthly payment (subscription in Google One).

I suppose it has come here because when you are offered unlimited storage and at no cost you get backup and climb any photo or video clip pulled with your smartphone.Stop choosing them before backup, everything in the pile.Hence the values that Google Photos has reached a weekly level.Plus, there are more and more smartphones and servers have been crowded.

There are some news, if you are inactive for 2 years, Google may delete your pictures (with a warning sent before).New management tools appear that help to maintain the storage within 15 GB (offer free of charge).All photos and clips uploaded to Google Photos until June 1, 2021 are not affected by the new limitation.

It seems to me that Google Photos loses one of the strengths, but I understand the decision on the other hand and I expect attractive tariff plans.They are 5 years by Google offers unlimited storage on quality photos, but anything good has an end.You have the option of choosing a Pixel series smartphone and you have escaped limitation.:)

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