Google Chrome blocks your commercials automatically: how do you turn off the function and why

Time 06/06/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

Alexandru Puiu10:30 29.08.2018Google Chrome îți blochează reclamele automat: cum dezactivezi funcția și de ce

Google Chrome is a constant updated browser trying to make your life online easier.However, you may face a set of circumstances in which you want to cut them from the built-in functions.

Google Chrome has been the most popular online browser for several years.The creation of Google, the application in question does a very good job for most of the time.This does not mean, however, that we are talking about a perfect browser.There are many situations in which you consume an abusive amount of RAM or keep your processor in 100%.Equally serious is the fact that you may cut your access to certain sites that they consider dangerous and may not allow you to open various files taken from the Internet.

A few days ago, I detailed the solution if Google Chrome blocks you a download that you are convinced that it is not virus or malicious in another form.This time, I will draw attention to another function that is apparently well-intentioned, but which may frustrate you, more than to delight you.

Google Chrome has incorporated an "ad blocker" for several months, a software tool meant to block the most aggressive online advertisements.The problem is that you may want to access a web page you need or press a button meant to initiate a download and not work because of Chrome update.

By default, the ad-blocker in Google Chrome is active.To disable him if you have problems uploading a page, click on the three points to the top right and enter Settings.Access the Advanced section to the base and opt for Content Settings.From here, you are interested in ADS.Make an additional click and activate the switch at the top.When it is blue, it means that you allow the aggressive advertisements to be displayed.