WhatsApp is just now changing: you wouldn't expect to be able to do that with the chat app

Time 06/03/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

WhatsApp is trying to incorporate a thick range of services into the chat application to make its users even more dependent on its platform. Some functions are obvious and you wanted them from the beginning, others are not.

It may be a year since WhatsApp began offering in-app money transfer functionality in Brazil and India. Basically, in the two important territories, it facilitates the simple and efficient transfer of smaller or larger amounts of money between two people. Now, the same functionality is likely to be available globally, according to data obtained by XDA Developers.

WhatsApp, good to pay

A few weeks ago, in a beta version of WhatsApp, the first signs that the chat program will include a system for verifying documents were discovered. Those checks preceded the introduction of the actual payment function.

In the latest beta version of WhatsApp, the payment system has been included, although it is not currently functional. This is the Novi digital wallet of Meta, the parent company of Facebook. In the source code of the new iteration of WhatsApps they found a few lines for user verification and all include a reference to the Novi payment system.

These lines of code line up with a screenshot previously published by WABetaInfo, which you can see below. Again, it is clear that the feature is not active at this time, but the foreseeable options are all included, financial balance, withdrawals, accounts or completed in-app accounts.

If Novi is completely foreign to you, it is worth noting that there is an application dedicated to this name, a kind of Revolut. However, it is currently being tested in the United States and Guatemala. Unlike other similar applications, Novi allows you to transfer money across the border using Pax Dollar, a digital currency supported by the US dollar.