Orange is expanding its catalog with dozens of refurbished phone models

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Orange has launched a campaign through which customers will be able to purchase refurbished phones at advantageous prices. In combination with subscription offers, these will help protect the environment and more efficiently manage the materials used in smartphone production.

Recommerce and Diangi are the partners that support Orange. Practically, now you can purchase a second-hand phone, but well refurbished, with or without a subscription. Here, the prices differ and we will immediately see what it is about.

The phones are unlocked and come with a 12-month warranty, their reconditioning also guarantees the level of performance found on the new models. Orange has expanded its smartphone portfolio with such selections. Depending on the customer's preferences, the phones can be purchased with or without a subscription, also having the possibility of obtaining them by extending the subscription.

What would an offer for a refurbished smartphone from Orange look like?

The Orange online store is home to a wide selection of refurbished phone brands and models, such as iPhone 12, Huawei P40, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Flip 3 or members of the Xiaomi family. For example, here are the prices offered by Orange in the online store for an iPhone 12 Mini in the 64GB version:

Orange expands its catalog with dozens of models of refurbished phones

Let's see deals on other models as well, such as those from previous generations. For a refurbished iPhone XR, customers can choose to create a Fun 8 subscription and pay the difference of 1,473 lei or extend an existing contract with the possibility of paying for the smartphone at 72 lei per month. At the same time, they can also opt for the "free" option at the price of 2647 lei.

Similarly, Samsung's Galaxy A series models come in different price points and combinations. A refurbished Galaxy A52 5G dual-SIM model with 128GB storage is available at the price of 1200 lei with the Smart 15 subscription, in installments of 50 lei per month with the extension of an existing subscription or at the price without subscription of 1896 lei.

The refurbished phones in the Orange catalog come with a warranty certificate, technical book and new accessories, and the operator is working to offer customers several types of subscriptions and options through which they can purchase the model they want. Plus, they get free shipping. The respective offers can be consulted here, in the dedicated online store.

At the same time, it is important to mention that Orange ensures and guarantees the quality of delivery and conditions of its smartphones. Every model found in the operator's catalog has superior reconditioning.

To test the quality of the products, I took as a benchmark an iPhone XR delivered by Orange. The result attests to professional reconditioning. The model shows no physical wear and its internal components as well as the software have been tested and accredited according to the required standards.

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