Windows 11 appeared on the Internet before official presentation

Time 26/08/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

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Microsoft has talked about the next generation of Windows, but so far I didn't know what changes will bring the new version.Some of you say in the comments that you "test the new version" and that it does not change much, but from the images that have appeared on the Internet, the situation seems to be quite different.The new design is minimalist and a few changes that remind me of a lot of macos.

Windows 11 refresh the old interface

Windows 11 takes the start menu and now moves it to the center of the dock, in what reminds me a lot of the look of operating system from Apple.In addition they look different now, now being more self -standing window than a mere menu.All icons in Taskbar will be focused now, but the system and system menu will remain on the right.And another interesting movement that Microsoft was made was to round the edges of the windows.This change, although it seems insignificant, radically changes the look of the system and makes it look more modern.

Iar pentru cei care au primit deja meniul de News & Weather în taskbar, urmează să mai vină câteva schimbări.Once it is inserted into its full version, along with Windows 11, this menu will have some more options and will be integrated better.But the graphic interface is not the only thing that changes with the new version: the changes will be of a technical nature, one of them being a new system planning system that will value the new hybrid architectures from Intel and AMD.

Windows 11 a apărut pe internet înainte de prezentarea oficială

Of this first seriously Leak, Windows 11 already seems interesting.So far, the system has not been bad at all, but needed a refresh of the interface and some software updates that would prepare it for future hardware launches..And Microsoft seems to be focusing on the gaming area, and after presentation within E3 2021, I am really curious to see how the "new" system will behave and if it will be able to solidify their leader position whenIt comes about video games on your PC.

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