Windows 10: Microsoft's Decision with a Much Necessary Change

Time 26/12/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

Windows 10 is part of a new very serious change made by Microsoft for PCs around the world, the operating system will finally have something that the world has been waiting for a very long time. More precisely, those from Microsoft finally decided to offer more protection to PC users, so that a new function will be implemented in Windows 10 that will allow blocking the installation of potentially dangerous applications.

Windows 10, as you can see in the image below, is going to have this major change implemented through a special section within the operating system interface, which can be disabled by users. According to Microsoft's description of this new functionality in Windows 10, as soon as it is activated, applications that have been detected by the company as a potential danger will not be installed on users' PCs.

Windows 10: Microsoft's Decision with a Very Necessary Change

Windows 10 has this functionality in mind to protect people from any kind of applications that can be downloaded from the internet, i.e. from any kind of website -s, not from the Microsoft Store, where it wouldn't end up anyway. In order for applications of this kind to reach the attention of those from Microsoft and be blocked from installation in Windows 10, they need to have been analyzed first by the American company, and the blocking is done through Windows Defender.

Windows 10: Microsoft's Decision with a Change Very Necessary

Windows 10, through Windows Defender, has implemented many protection systems designed to assure PC users that they can safely use their computers when surfing the Internet and not only that. Windows 10 is the target of many hacker attacks, many applications with malware being distributed on the Internet, but functions of this kind are meant to protect people against very serious problems.

Windows 10 will have this important feature available as part of future updates that Microsoft is working on, so in theory we should see it officially available pretty soon.