WhatsApp will no longer work on these phones from January 1, 2021. The last -minute news

Time 11/08/2022 By mhb

WhatsApp, the app currently held by Facebook, has earned its reputation over the years.From the beginning WhatsApp has become one of the most used mobile applications for cost -free dialog.The giant FCEBook, however, comes for 2021 with not too pleasant news for holders of certain mobile terminals.

WhatsApp will no longer work since 31 December 2020

The app currently held by Facebook, for iPhone terminals will no longer be used.That is where the owners of these terminals will not move to the humid version of iOS.At the same time, WhatsApp will cease its functionality on other terminals, starting December 31, 2020 announces application officials.

The Messenger app will no longer be accepted by certain smartphones models after December 31, as follows:

List of phones to which web app no longer will work

Whatsapp nu va mai funcționa pe aceste telefoane de la 1 ianuarie 2021. Vestea de ultim moment

According to WhatsApp officials, the list includes Apple terminals, but also from Android -based terminal manufacturers.Here, afterwards, the list of Apple terminals on which the application will no longer work:

Officials say this will happen, if Apple terminal owners do not go to the next version of iOS, namely iOS 9.

How to save your conversations on WhatsApp

If you have one of the affected phones and you do not want to lose your chats, you are advised to make a backup of WhatsApp messages so that they do not lose.

To do this, open the chat you want to save and click "Group information".Then you will have to click "Export Chat"-and you will be offered the option to download the chat, but without media support.

The news appeared just one month after a new handy service was revealed, coming to the popular messaging application.WhatsApp has introduced an option of "disappearing messages" that will delete the chats of both the sender and the recipient after seven days.

Facebook -owned app has two billion users worldwide, said the setting will help keep private chats.In a material posted on the blog, the company said that messages could be set to expire after seven days to provide "peace of mind that conversations are not permanent, while remaining practical, so that you do not forget what you were talking about".