WhatsApp Tricks - How to hide conversations you don't want anyone to know to stay discreet

Time 14/05/2022 By mhb

WhatsApp is in a perpetual progress and is trying to do everything possible to adapt to the requirements of users. In this context, it has just made your life easier if you want to hide certain conversations and stay hidden.

From the first iterations of WhatsApp, the beloved chat application provided you with a mechanism through which to archive certain conversations, which you would have liked not to see in the main chat list. Unfortunately, that option came with a significant handicap. If the person at the end of the archived conversation sent you another message or you wrote something, the conversation was automatically unzipped, reducing the effort to archive or hide it to zero.

How to hide WhatsApp conversations forever

"I've heard that users want their archived messages to remain hidden in the archived conversation directory, instead of moving to the main conversation list when a new message arrives," company officials posted on Twitter.

Trucuri WhatsApp – cum ascunzi conversațiile de care nu vrei să știe nimeni, ca să rămână discrete

"The new Archived Conversations section means that any conversation that is archived in that directory will remain archived, even if a new message is sent in the conversation," the officials added. In other words, the change was made by WhatsApp and all you have to do is make sure you have the latest version of the app downloaded from Google Play or the Apple AppStore.

Also as an interesting detail, if you want to archive all your WhatsApp conversations on your phone, for cleaning, you can do that. Enter WhatsApp in the settings at the bottom right and select Conversations. Click Archive all conversations and confirm your choice.

If you want to archive a single conversation, to permanently hide it, swipe over it in the right-to-left conversation list, swipe from right to left. To view archived conversations, scroll down to the conversation list and go to the Archived Conversations section.