What is HyperCharge and how Xiaomi is revolutionizing the fast charging of mobile phones through the Xiaomi 11T Pro

Time 20/12/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

Xiaomi has turned 11 this year (2021) since its establishment, and the company continues to innovate, in aspects such as optics, fast charging, top screens. The next step in the evolution of its terminals is to bring the HyperCharge ultra-fast charging technology into the mainstream. We are talking about charging at 120W, which will be inaugurated on the consumer market through the Xiaomi 11T Pro. Find out below what it is about and what related technologies it involves.


First of all, I have seen a Xiaomi phone at work with 120W charging, the experimental Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, which charged under my gaze in a few minutes. It was a limited edition phone, which was not available in our stores. The maximum offered by Xiaomi on the market was 67W charging both wired and wireless with the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra. Well, the Xiaomi 11T Pro, which comes on October 7 in Romania, should change that, through HyperCharge.

What is HyperCharge?

Xiaomi HyperCharge is a technology that can charge a phone from 2% to 100% in just 17 minutes. And this in the case of a generous 5000 mAh battery, as we find on the Xiaomi 11T Pro, the company's autumn flagship. In order to achieve these performances, Xiaomi used technologies such as Dual Charge Pump and Dual Cell Battery. The first involves adjusting a voltage and amperage to optimal levels, lowering the voltage and increasing the amperage to overcome the classical limitations related to the voltage and allow a current of several Watts to be taken.

The structure of a 2-cell battery also helps by doubling the available volt input. The battery on the Xiaomi 11T Pro uses Multiple Tab Winding (MTW) ​​technology, which improves the current flow in the battery. MTW technology comes with more electrodes (anodes and cathodes) offering a shorter path for the electric current, but also a lower internal resistance, in the context of superior thermal control.

What is HyperCharge and how Xiaomi is revolutionizing charging fast charging of mobile phones by Xiaomi 11T Pro

The battery is based on Graphene-Lithium-Ion technology, having a higher conductivity than the classic "carbon black" batteries. As the phone approaches 100% charge, normal charging speeds decrease, but Mi-FC technology increases the time a high voltage current can be used. We also have real-time monitoring of current and voltage.

What effects does HyperCharge have on battery wear and life?

A question that has been around since the early days of fast charging is "how will fast charging affect battery life?". Well, Xiaomi managed to regulate this aspect in the case of the 5000 mAh unit on the 11T Pro. Thus after 800 ultra-fast loads and downloads you will have a Battery Health above 80%. This means that it takes about 2 years before you notice any degradation of your battery's capacity

How are we doing with safety?

Xiaomi has taken all measures to make the 120W charging process as safe as possible. Thus, it received the TUV Rheinland certificate, a German institute that passed Xiaomi's technologies, components and solutions through rigorous tests.

Later it obtained the TUV Rheinland Safe Fast Charge System Certification. Xiaomi uses 34 battery and charging safety mechanisms, from charging cycles to the battery components themselves.

Among them are:




The real-time temperature monitoring system involves 9 thermal sensors on the USB-C port, on the dual charging chip, on the battery, motherboard, processor and LED flash. They will constantly monitor the temperature during charging. There is also an automatic shutdown and charging lock mechanism when the temperature rises too much.

Real Applicability

This is just the beginning for Xiaomi and I expect to see HyperCharge on multiple phones from the company. On a practical level, a charge in just 17 minutes gives you increased freedom and no longer keeps you "tied to the socket". You can always be on the move and after 10 minutes of charging the Xiaomi 11T Pro you can already have more than 70% battery. Charging used to be an "overnight" process, one that made you waste time and keep checking your phone to see if it's ready.

Now that is no longer the case and as soon as you prepare a coffee you already have enough battery to solve your daily tasks. And all with just 20% wear after 800 charges, compared to rival flagships with 20% wear after 500 cycles. The Xiaomi 11T Pro also has other advanced technologies, such as cooling with an advanced vapor chamber, the Dolby Vision screen or the 108 MP main camera, the latter two offering Cinemagic experiences. We'll be back with a review!

The Xiaomi 11T series will officially arrive in Romania on October 7. The debut is made through an event broadcast on the Xiaomi Romania Facebook page on that date starting at 4:00 p.m. We will see a presentation of Xiaomi 11T, 11T Pro, 11 Lite 5G NE, with all the special features and there will be many surprises at the event.