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Time 06/06/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

At the beginning of the iPhone era, the successive iPhone launches were often marked by new distinctive and innovative designs.From iPhone 3GS to iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 to iPhone 6, Apple has usually launched new interesting factors every few years.But since the launch of the iPhone X of 2017, the general iPhone factor has not changed so much.In fact, the rectangular corners inspired by the iPhone 4 on the iPhone 12 have been among the most significant changes in the iPhone factor I have seen for some time.

Given that today's iPhone is essentially a glass plate with a display from the edge to the edge, there are not many things that Apple can change from the perspective of the design, except for the addition of new rooms and probably, of the reduction of the frames.

That being said, the last border left in the iPhone design - with the current form factor - would be for Apple to eliminate the notch and replace it with sensors under the screen, thus having a real display from the edge to the edge.Although the notch design introduced by Apple on the iPhone X was controversial at first, it was not long until users were accommodated with it.However, Apple's inclination for minimalism could finally see Apple to eliminate the notch in the coming years.Meanwhile, reports have already appeared indicating about future iPhone models that they will remove the notch and could replace it with a perforated design similar to what is currently found on Samsung smartphones.

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The rumors say that this new iPhone design could reach in 2022. Beyond that, Apple has submitted patent applications in which an iPhone design is detailed in which all sensors currently located in the notch would be placed under the display.If you are curious what this type of iPhone could look like, a new DBS Designing video concept provides a look at how the iPhone in the future could look. Although it remains to be seen if Apple can ever improve the technology that would makeThe above concept device is realistic, another design at which Apple works involves a foldable iPhone model.

Samsung in recent years has shown that there is a market for this foldable phones.To this end, I have seen rumors in recent months that strongly suggest that Apple is already exploring foldable iPhone prototypes.Moreover, remember that Jon Prosser, renowned, said last year that Apple is currently designing a foldable iPhone with "two separate display panels" and "round edges, stainless steel", similar to iPhone 11 design.