Truecaller identifies phone numbers that call you

Time 02/08/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

Truecaller is an application available for about 2 years in the App Store for iPhone terminals, and with its help we can identify the phone numbers that call us, a simple search for the application development database giving us the opportunity to find outquickly who belongs to the phone number that called us.

Truecaller is used by 200 million people on the planet to find out who sounds based on the phone number that appears listed on the call agenda, the search lasting only a few seconds and can be made from inside the Phone application, Truecaller having aSpecial extension in this regard.

Identify the identity behind a phone number free of charge

The main functionality offered by the Truecaller application is to identify the person behind a phone number that called us, everything being available for free because the application developers do not charge any tax for searching on their phone.

The registration in the application involves the introduction of your phone number and a name, these being automatically saved in the Truecaller database and being available for anyone who is looking for your phone name or number, but you can enter any kind of data you wantin the respective fields.

TrueCaller identifica numerele de telefon care te suna

According to TRUECALLER developers, the application has 2.7 billion registered phone numbers, so there is a huge database by which you can do searches to identify a phone number, the option to look for names of people to discover a phone number being also available.

To perform searches using Truecaller there are 2 methods:

After you have discovered the identity of the person behind a phone number, you can save their name in the contact agenda, or add that phone number in a spam list that warns you not to answer you are called.

If you do a search for a person's name and you want to find out his phone number, ACTI TRUECALLER gives you the opportunity to ask that person to offer you his phone number to be able to call it, but the number is not disclosed to the search, if youYou don't know it beforehand.

Blacklist for unwanted calls

One of the most useful functions for many is the blacklist that identifies the phone numbers of those who will call you to announce to various promotions, those who will call from banks, or to recover other credits, once identified, numbersit can be included in a black list in Truecaller.

Do not think that including a phone number in a black list automatically rejects the call, because the iPhones cannot do this without jailbreak, but Truecaller will automatically notify you about the caller's identity and you will know not to answer that telephone forDo not come into contact with that person if you do not want.

This function for blacklist requires creating contact in your contact agenda and access to the Truecaller application to your entire list of contacts, so it will automatically create contacts with all the numbers you do not want to answer, they are saved in terminals and implicitly in iCloud, when you backup.

Standardly, the Truecaller application should not load your contact agenda in developers servers, but it offers the option to do so for searching and forces you to do it if you want to use the blacklist function, so you decide whatmeasure you allow them to do this.

The Truecaller application is useful, with certain limits, in Romania, and as more and more people will use to find out who calls from various phone numbers, it will become even more useful.

The Truecaller application is available for free download following this link from the App Store.