The simple trick that shows if you are listened to on Facebook or Instagram.That is how you will realize immediately

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Have you ever happened to talk to a friend, or friend, about a certain thing you wanted to buy, and then wake up with the advertisement on exactly that product on Facebook?Or did you feel like someone listens to you on Instagram?We tell you that it is not a lie, but it really happens, and everything is based on algorithms and "listened".But there are also ways to get rid of this.

Nu suntem „paranoici". Facebook și Instagram ne „ascultă"

When we have private conversations with someone about something we are interested in buying, either on Facebook or on Instagram, not infrequently we wake up with an advertisement for that appears on our Instagram feed or Facebook.If you haven't caught up so far, we tell you that Facebook is pulling with your ear, just that in a different way.

The truth is that Facebook follows us in ways that many of us do not even realize.He is so good at this that we think we monitor our conversations.Instead, uses sophisticated demographic and localization data to broadcast commercials.I put all kinds of circumstantial evidence together, and you are invaded by advertisements as if you listen to your conversations.

Tracking vs..obedience

Lily Leiva, a Facebook user in Atlanta, came up with a similar explanation for the Finnish Baby Box, briefly mentioned at a dinner with a friend.The $ 500 maternity box announcement appeared in its news feed the next day.

"It seemed so annoying to me.Facebook was trying to predict my behavior "., says the user.Her theory was that Facebook pushed the advertisement to her because she had been with her friend, who she liked the product.

Facebook says they don't listen to our conversations, but in reality I don't say I don't follow you.Actually the social network is quite open in terms of pursuit.

Most of us know that every time we like a post, we leave a comment and label a friend, this gives the Facebook platform and more ammunition to serve us.Each check-in, every hashtag, each comment is more material for such "behaviors"

Facebook can track what you do on other websites

The social network recognizes that it collects all the "content, communications and other information", including photos and videos, accounts, hashtags and groups to which we are connected..This notes what posts, videos and other contents we view and even collect our payment information, including the credit or debit card number, billing and shipping information.

The unique Facebook authentication provides another door to your data.If you have used your Facebook account to authenticate on a website, to subscribe to an email, to make a purchase or to get a coupon, Facebook can collect data on what you do, such asbe visualizing a web page or adding a product in an online shopping cart.

Rețeaua de socializare ne urmărește pe telefoanele mobile

The social network follows us on mobile phones if we give it permission.This means that Facebook and Instagram knows where you are, even with the app closed.It leaves "cookie" data on our devices for tracking, "to create personalized products that are unique and relevant to you.".

Trucul simplu care arată dacă ești ascultat pe Facebook sau Instagram. Așa îți vei da seama imediat

In terms of permissions, Facebook does not attract you to allow non-stop tracking even with closed app. În schimb, așa cum exemplificam anterior, o postare pe Instagram, deținută de Facebook, era pe cale să intre în direct, când o fereastră pop-up l-a îndemnat să „Activeze serviciile de localizare", pentru a selecta automat eticheta orașului.

But how do we stop them from following everything we do?

Although Instagram, the Facebook application does not provide users with full control, there are ways to limit the data they collect and the types of advertisements you see.Instagram is a massive source of money.Facebook Mother Company does not publish figures about how much the division earns.

But reports claim to have generated $ 20 billion in advertising revenues in 2019.That is, a quarter of all the annual revenue of Facebook.Or, in other words, more money than you are youtube for the parent company Alphabet.

In the center of Instagram financial success are two things:

Instagram, through its integration with Facebook, uses personal information to display ads that you think is very likely to click on them.This information comes from what you do in the app and Facebook, from your phone.and from your behavior.While traveling in parts of the web that Facebook does not hold.

In the case of Facebook, the setpings you need to do, are as follows, according to your terminal

How to disable Facebook access to your microphone.on mobile iPhone

How to disable Facebook access to your microphone.on an Android

Everything you do on Instagram is watched

First of all, everything you do on Instagram is followed.Almost every online service you use collect information about your actions.Each parade of your thumb made through your feed.provides him with information about your behavior.Instagram knows that you spent 20 minutes traveling to the depths of high school lover's profile at 2 o'clock at night.

The data that Instagram collects are not just for advertising.The company uses your information, for example, which device you use to log in, to detect suspicious login attempts.

Accident reports on your phone.can help identify errors in his code and identify parts of the app that no one uses.In 2019, Instagram gave up the Following tab, which showed all the public posts you appreciated.

Apart from the full deletion of the application, you cannot do too much to prevent Instagram to track your behavior on its platform.But there are things you can do to limit some of the collected data and the types of ads you see online.

Delete some of your personal data

Would you like to see the information you have given Instagram?Go to the app settings page and tap the security option.Here is the option to see the information that Instagram has collected about you and download.

Dacă apeși pe „Accesează datele", vei putea vedea toate schimbările de parolă, adresele de e-mail și numerele de telefon asociate contului, plus mai multe informații despre modul în care folosești aplicația.

There are 25 categories of information that is collected.They range from interactions with the surveys you have completed in people's stories to the hashtags you follow and the changes made to information from your biography..

Although you may see all this data, you can't do too much with them.The search history can be deleted through the Security menu options, although when you do this you only delete it locally.

Instagram and Facebook still know what, or who did you look for. „Rețineți că ștergerea istoricului de căutare este temporară și căutările pe care le ștergeți pot să reapară în istoric după ce le căutați din nou", precizează Instagram.


You probably use Instagram on your phone.By default, Instagram location collection skills are disabled, but you probably activated the function by mistake while you added your a post or story.

To change this-or at least to check if you have given permission-visit the settings on the phone.Cannot be done through the Instagram app.

Pe Android, navigați la „Setări", apoi apăsați pe „Aplicații" și găsiți Instagram.Here you can see if you have given permission to access your location, microphone, device storage, contacts and more.

You can activate and disable these settings by allowing Instagram to have access to your location.all the time, only while using the app or never.

If you hold an iPhone, the process is similar. Atingeți setările telefonului, mergeți la „Confidențialitate" și apoi „Servicii de localizare" și găsiți Instagram.Here you can choose if the location tracking is activated all the time when you use the app or completely disabled.

Control the advertisements in Stories

As Facebook tried to make more money from Instagram, he filled him with advertisements.All you see is fed technically, by the Mother Company.Facebook is the Instagram advertisement server and the two are inseparable.Instagram shows you ads based on what he and facebook I think you like.

This is based on what you do while on Instagram, for example, if you like to post certain brands, but also what you do on sites and services that are not owned by Facebook..Facebook pixel is a small piece of code that is on almost every website you visit and collect information that you have visited.

Pixel collects data on your activity.Online and binds them to an identifier, which helps establish the advertisements that will be displayed.This is just a way of collecting data that feeds the company's advertising machine.

So what can you do about Instagram?The controls are limited. În cadrul aplicației, prin intermediul filei „Setări", puteți vedea activitatea dvs.advertising.

This shows you the ads with which you have involved, commenting posts, appreciating an advertisement and watching most of an advertisement, for example. Există, de asemenea, linkuri în afara aplicației Instagram care explică reclamele de pe platformă în cadrul filei „Setări".

Delete Instagram

If you are tired of Instagram in general you can delete the app.You cannot delete your Instagram account from within the application;you need to visit this page.

"When you delete your account, profile, photos, videos, comments, likes and followers. vor fi eliminate definitiv", precizează compania.Or you can temporarily disable your account.This can be done here.