iPhone 13 could benefit from faster wireless charging, possibly and Reverse Charging Support

Time 08/12/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

iPhone 13 seems to receive a demical feature on Android phones, the Reverse Charging support coming in the package and with the advantage of a faster wireless mode.

According to industry sources, the list of Apple -selected components for the iPhone 13 series also includes a module for wireless charging feature than the one encountered at the iPhone 12 series.Such a change can be explained in only two ways: Apple either aims to improve the efficiency of energy transfer, in order to reduce the heat released during the loading process, or intend to increase the loading power to a level closer to the competition..Certainly it is that the oversized induction coil increases both the cost of manufacture and the premises of the space in the phone case.

In addition to increased efficiency, another almost guaranteed benefit is Reverse Charging support, to be used to load other compatible Apple gadgets.According to the documentation sent to the American FCC authority, the power of loading will be limited to only 5W, enough for accessories such as AirPods headphones.

iPhone 13 ar putea beneficia de încărcare wireless mai rapidă, eventual, și suport reverse charging

In the current form, the support for wireless charging available with the iPhone 12 series allows the battery to feed a 15W power, resulting in a waiting time for almost three hours for full charging.

If no other plans changes occur, the new iPhone 13 range would be officially announced on September 14, with availability in stores insured during the following weeks.