The app that the world ran away from WhatsApp could be forbidden: What happens to Signal

Time 09/08/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

Signal, the application to which many people have appealed when WhatsApp has changed their privacy policy could be banned in a country.

Signal is a application to which many have fled when WhatsApp has announced some changes related to privacy policy.It was seen as an extremely good, encrypted and smooth alternative on access to personal data.Only the app could be banned on a huge market.

It's about China.

Signal could be banned in China

Signal messaging app could not be used by many Chinese users this week.It's a bit the only app in which messages are encrypted and can be used in China without using a VPN.Only this is not seen well by Beijing officials.

For now, the plans to prohibit her have not been made public but it is clear that the regime could be disturbed.Especially since other applications such as Facebook, Twitter and, more recently, Clubhouse, have already been banned.

Aplicația pe care a fugit lumea din cauza WhatsApp ar putea fi interzisă: ce se întâmplă cu Signal

Since Monday, Chinese users have claimed that they are not receiving and not sending messages.They only succeeded after activating a virtual private network, ie a VPN, passing by the Chinese authorities filter.Others also reported problems with authentication.That is, fixed how last month happened with Clubhouse.

So it seems a movement made quietly by the Beijing authorities, who probably did not want to make too much noise on the subject.It is true, however, that the users of sign in China are not many.Downloads from iOS, for example, only if half a million have passed.By comparison, WhatsApp has over 9 million.

Signal was seen as an alternative to WhatsApp, after the Facebook app has announced that it will start to share more data with the other Facebook companies.Facebook collects a lot of other information in the form of statistics of use.Thus WhatsApp will delete the accounts of those who do not agree with the new confidentiality terms.

After the scandal argued, WhatsApp seemed to take a step back but only to postpone the decision, not to undo it.