STS announces that the EU Covid-19 EU certificates check is now available on mobile phones with iOS operating system

Time 09/10/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

The Special Telecommunications Service informs that the Check DCC checking app in Romania of EU Covid-19 digital certificates is now available on mobile phones with iOS operating system.

People who use iPhone or iPad can download the check DCC app from the AppStore store for free.

So far, the scanning of QR codes could be performed in our country via the check -out of Android phones or web version of the application.

Starting today, the authenticity and validity of the certificates attesting the epidemiological situation of persons can be verified by the dedicated application for iOS devices..

Check DCC, developed by STS, is the only official application approved by the national legislation for verification of certificates in Romania.The Check DCC application does not register and not retain the data of the verified certificates, by scanning the QR code on the certificate being verified the authenticity and fulfillment of the national or international sanitary rules of the European Covid certificates.

STS anunţă că aplicaţia Check DCC de verificare a certificatelor UE COVID-19 este disponibilă acum şi pe telefoanele mobile cu sistem de operare iOS

Certificates attest that people:

-they were vaccinated against Covid-19;

- have been tested and have a negative result in the records of the medical authorities;

- they recovered after Covid.

Until November 20, 2021, almost 9 million EU digital certificates were generated in Romania, through the https platform: //, developed by the Special Telecommunications Service.

In our country, most certificates were downloaded on October 26 a.c., in number 228.849, when the website https: // Certificate-Covid.Gov.Ro had access to 467.228 unique users.The average time of generating a certificate through Covid Certified Platform is 5 seconds.

The version of the Check DCC app for Android phones was downloaded by 463.380 times from the Google Play app store.