Researchers have developed the super-lab that instantly charges the smartphone

Time 08/09/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

Researchers at the University of Adelaide, Australia, are working on a super-owner that will instantly charge smartphones.This new technology consists of replacing standard batteries with a quantum device.For now, the super battery is available for installation only on iPhone.According to ABC News, the battery can be recharged in less than a second.The concept is based on quantum mechanics, especially on quantum inseparability, a quantum phenomenon in which the quantum states of several different objects or particles are "coupled" between them."The quantum mechanics deals with the interactions at the microscopic level, where special opportunities are obtained that allow the violation of the laws of conventional physics.One of these phenomena is quantum inseparability, ”explained James Quach, quantum physics expert.When two objects are connected, their individual physical properties become common, he added.Through this effect, the more batteries, the faster it is: if a quantum battery is charged in one hour, two in 30 minutes, a few such batteries can be recharged in a second.Once developed, the quantum battery could replace conventional batteries used in small electronic devices, such as smart watches, smartphones, tablets, computers or other products that depend on the stored energy.

Cercetătorii au dezvoltat super-bateria care încarcă instantaneu smartphone-ul