Raiffeisen Bank: THE THREAT that customers are being warned about

Time 24/12/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

Raiffeisen Bank is one of the most important banks in Romania, with a large number of individual or legal clients, and for all of them it has issued a serious warning regarding a threat aimed at them. Below you can see the warning message that the people from Raiffeisen Bank issued, and as you can see very clearly, it targets the cyber attacks that are currently in full swing across the country, unfortunately for us.

Raiffeisen Bank knows very well that not everyone has the necessary knowledge to protect themselves against cyber attacks, so that they can sometimes be successful, and customer data could be stolen. The threat to customers is as real as possible, and it takes the form of SMS, emails, or messages on social media platforms or messaging, which are brought to Raiffeisen Bank's customers, but also to those of other banks in Romania.

Raiffeisen Bank: THE THREAT customers are being warned about

Raiffeisen Bank says that we should never be fooled by messages of this kind that come from unknown entities, and that we should never we access the links that are included in them. These links can lead us to malicious websites or applications infected with malware, they can then extract data from our information, some of which can also be used to steal Raiffeisen Bank customers' money, and sometimes they cannot be recovered .

Raiffeisen Bank: THE THREAT they are aware of Customers

Raiffeisen Bank presents in the video clip above some tips that customers can use to protect themselves against phishing attacks, and not only that, they can make the difference between having their money stolen or not. Of course, everything depends on the customers' ability to tell the difference between a real email, SMS, message, and a fake one, something that doesn't always happen, so Raiffeisen Bank comes with this information to help customers.

Raiffeisen Bank also has on its website a variety of important information regarding cyber attacks and the ways in which any of its customers can protect themselves at the moment.