Apple premiere: iPhone and Mac users will be able to repair their own devices

Time 05/01/2022 By mhb

The program comes after years of pressure from user groups, who have constantly called on Apple to provide more access to repair manuals and original components.

Two years ago, the American technology giant launched a program in which independent repair shops could buy their parts, tools and user manuals. Apple has announced that there are currently 2,800 independent stores in its program, in addition to the 5,000 directly authorized repair providers.

Under the new program, Apple customers will be able to directly purchase the parts needed to perform their own repairs after reading a manual.

The US company said that the online store will start with about 200 parts and tools designed to solve the most common problems of screens, batteries and cameras on the iPhone 12 and 13 models.

The program will then be extended to Mac computers using the Apple M1 chip and later to less common repairs. Customers will be offered the same price for parts and tools as repair shops, and they will be able to return used parts to the company for a discount.

Apple also said that the program will start early next year in the United States and will later be extended to several countries.

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