(P) Your iPhone 13 phone is half iPad

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Given the serious difficulties that Apple already welcomes to develop their emblematic smartphones, does not want to face a lack of stock, as has happened in other devices, such as PlayStation 5.In order to cope with this, he tried to focus all his efforts -or at least a large part of them -in the production of iPhone to overcome the component crisis globally.

IPads pass in the second plane


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Both iPad mini 2021 renewed and the rest of the models that continue to become the preferred working tool for many people are no longer as relevant to the CuperTino company as we could imagine.However, with this measure, Apple has managed to save the launch and large volume of sales to be expected, because since the iPhone 13 was presented and its entire family, the production of the iPad has been reduced by 50%.

Apple iPhone Emag phones - offers

This served to use all those components in iPhone 13 and to continue production without being affected.But this was not the only change, because other iPhones from previous generations left parts and components to leave the assembly line to be part of the "structure" of the iPhone 13 family.

Something that is not a new thing, because, last year, during the sanitary crisis caused by Covid-19, resources on iPad and iPhone 12 were allocated.Some emergency measures that avoid Apple's need to leave the wishers without the new smartphone.Meanwhile, the sales of iPads have not decreased and remain a value for Apple, which decreased being production.

(P) Telefonul tău iPhone 13 este pe jumătate iPad

"The production of iPads has decreased by 50% compared to Apple's initial plans in the last two months," said informed sources on this topic, adding that "the pieces intended for older iPhone have also been moved to the iPhone13 ".

World iPad deliveries increased by 6.7%annually to reach 53.2 million devices last year, ensuring a global market share of 32.5%, well over 19.1%, ashas the number two in this top, Samsung, according to IDC data. Livrările totale de iPad au fost de 40,3 milioane în primele nouă luni ale acestui an, cu 17,83% mai mult decât în ​​aceeaşi perioadă a anului trecut.

In America or Europe, those who ordered an iPad with 256 GB of storage space at the end of October will have to wait until December 15, according to Apple website.For those who order the most recent iPad mini, delivery will take place in the first week of December.Consumers in China, the third market in size, will also have to wait for up to six weeks to get a new iPad.

How does this affect the iPhone 13?

For the peace of mind of anyone who already has an iPhone 13 in hand, as well as for those who are thinking of getting one, they should not be afraid of anything.The hardware and software remain the same, as if parts of the iPads were not used.We remember that not everything that draws our attention is part of the elements that allow us to develop a mobile phone.

The motherboard, memory or even the structure in which all these elements are included is part of a mobile phone production.All those pieces are what Apple has decided to move from iPad to iPhone 13, but nevertheless other components such as lenses or batteries are strictly developed for this model and, of course, cannot be reused so easily.This means that the characteristics of the iPhone remain the same, without any modification for the consumer and for now and without effect on the price.

Given the size of Apple operations, the company has managed to cross the deficit of components that had such an impact on other companies and industries.The possibility of changing parts between different production lines is undoubtedly a good resource in this regard.