Oppo records a new design patent for a rolling phone and vertical extensible screen;We have sketches + rancids

Time 25/09/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

Oppo have large plans for the foldable area and not only, having even rolling models with extensible screen like the one we discover today through a patent.We find via Letsgodigital.Org the fact that on November 4 Oppo had a patent approved and published for a rolling smartphone with vertical extensible screen.Extra details, sketches and rancids below.

On account of the documents we discover that this device has a system of rails with wheels and rollers used to expand the screen that in combination with a rigid support plate ensures that the phone can be extended "smooth".As can be seen, this smartphone adopts an ideal shape to be easily worn in your pocket or bag, being if you want a galaxy flip 3 but not with a foldable screen, but with extensible screen.

OPPO înregistrează un nou brevet de design pentru un telefon rulabil și cu ecran extensibil pe verticală; Avem schițe + randări

The top of the housing will move when the rolling screen is extended or tight in the compact position.We find that the rollers used in the system ensure that the bending rate of the flexible screen does not get too high, so the screen will not have cute as we see now on the foldable.The housing also offers increased protection for the fragile screen and we also have a video below with the patent transformed into concept.

It is hard to say when exactly such an Oppo smartphone could start and if it will be a format by the public.Currently the company is preparing the launch of the first folding in the portfolio.