It looks like a movie script: hackers hacked FBI servers

Time 22/03/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

You only see it in action movies. FBI servers have been attacked by hackers.

The FBI's servers were hacked by hackers, who sent at least a hundred thousand messages warning of a cyber attack, according to the BBC.

Emails were sent on behalf of the Department of Homeland Security. The alerts warned of intruders in the system: "Urgent-Threat actor in systems". In light of these, the FBI has launched an investigation.

FBI servers hacked by hackers in "sophisticated" attack

Hackers have estimated that at least 100,000 emails were sent before the US agency took action. The e-mails sent by the hackers warned the recipients of an alleged cyber attack in progress.

Pare scenariu de film: hackerii au spart serverele FBI

The emails said Vinny Troy, a security expert and founder of Shadowbyte, was responsible for the attack. It was alleged that the hackers intended to discredit Troy, and he would have succeeded if the recipients had not learned that the FBI had not sent the emails.

It is known that Troy has long been the target of a hacking community, RaidForums, and they are the main suspects so far. Troy wrote on Twitter that behind the attack was a character who uses the pseudonym "pompomourin".

The so-called "pompomourin" claimed responsibility for the attack, but claimed that the purpose was to show the vulnerabilities of the FBI systems and that, if he wished, he could have sent more truthful messages so that people would not realize it so quickly. that he's dealing with a prank.

In a statement, the FBI said it was "aware of the hacker incident, which involved fake emails from an email account @"

The agency said the affected hardware was quickly removed after the problem was detected and warned the public to be "cautious with unknown shippers" and report suspicious activity to the government.