iPhone 8 and iPhone X - compatible wireless charges

Time 17/03/2023 By myhoneybakedfeedback

iPhone 8 and iPhone X will be the first iPhone models that will have wireless charging, the Apple company finally choosing support for this technology.We are talking about support for Qi technology implemented by Apple in iPhone 8 and iPhone X, which will allow the wireless charging of the two phones using any kind of technology compatible charges, such as those on this page.

iPhone 8 and iPhone X have no restrictions on wireless qi charger we can use with them, but that does not mean to buy any products even.Apple will launch a special wireless charger for iPhone 8 and iPhone X, this one named Airpower, but it will be available only during 2018 and it will definitely be very expensive, the price can far exceed the value of 100 euros.

iPhone 8 and iPhone X have wireless charging, but it is limited to only 7.5W by Apple, so we are not talking about something done quickly, but just something done without cables.In this idea, charging the 2800 mAh of iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X battery will require between 1.5 and 2 hours, in the case of iPhone 8 charging to be made faster because this phone has a much smaller battery than the other two.

iPhone 8 and iPhone X - how do you choose a wireless charger

iPhone 8 si iPhone X – Incarcatoare Wireless Compatibile

iPhone 8 and iPhone X can be charged with any of the Qi loaders on this page, the prices for them start from only 30 lei depending on the manufacturer from which you want to buy the product.The Qi loaders are sold by various companies, over 90% of them being from China, so you will have quality as possible, but at least you can load iPhone 8 and iPhone X wireless.

iPhone 8 and iPhone X can be charged wirelessly wherever you want, as long as you have a power source and you will not need any cable for phones, nor activate any function.Theoretically, when you place iPhone 8 and iPhone X on a Wireless Qi charger, charging should start immediately with a notification displayed on our phone screens, but the charging time depends on the charger and the phone battery.

iPhone 8 and iPhone X, theoretically, cannot be affected by the type of wireless charger qi, as is the case with counterfeit cables and loaders, so you should not have problems.If you were to ask me, I would recommend using Samsung wireless charges for iPhone 8 and iPhone X, but they also have prices as the quality offered, so the decision is finally to you.