iPhone 7 "learn" to load wireless with the help of mophie

Time 01/06/2022 By mhb

Many have dreamed of an iPhone 7 with wireless charging, and this has become a possibility through a new carcass created by Mophie.

Most Android smartphones have two significant advantages in front of iPhone: fast and wireless charging.It represents a dose of significant comfort to put your phone next to your bed on a charging surface, without struggling to find the USB cable.In addition, depending on how much you rush in the morning, it is at least frustrating to try to leave with the phone and pull the cable, possibly the laptop to which the cable is connected.

The good part is that the wireless charging technology of smartphones has become ubiquitous and, with a little extra effort from a creator of idevices accessories, iPhone 7 with wireless charging is no longer a dream.Mophie are responsible for this project, and the new range of products announced today is addressed to both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus owners.

iPhone 7 „învață” să se încarce wireless cu ajutorul Mophie

Now, you can have a wireless iPhone 7 using a Mophie Juice Pack Air housing.Thus, even if the phone does not include the possibility of wireless charging through the Qi standard, it acquires this ability through a rather attractive housing that also includes a battery to increase autonomy.

Mophie Juice Pack Air for iPhone 7 includes a 2525 mAh battery, while the same iPhone 7 Plus charging has a 2420 mAh battery.According to official specifications, these batteries should offer 27 hours, respectively 33 hours of additional autonomy to your Apple phone.

The two carcasses meant to turn your new gadget into a wireless iPhone 7 costs $ 100 and are up to Rose Gold, Blue, Gold, Black and Product (RED).As a footnote, Mophie are very pleased with their new product line, saying they are the best they have ever created.For any purchases, you can use the company's website.