iPhone 13 is going to have a touch id in the screen

Time 06/09/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

The iPhone 13, the next Apple's next phone model, is to be launched with the integrated touch id, the American company intended to replace ID with a new ultrasonic fingerprint reader at the bottom of the phone screen..

The iPhone 13 will not come without a cut in the upper part of the screen, but people will still see it, only that it will have smaller dimensions than the current one, and this because FACI will be completely eliminated, since it comes backwhen scanning fingerprints.

The iPhone 13 will not have the camera lidar sensor, which will continue to be used only for Pro models, which is of course a bad news for Apple fans who expected this component to get in cheaper models..

iPhone 13 urmeaza sa aiba Touch ID integrat in Ecran

The iPhone 13 will finally bring some changes that many people ask for some time for the new phone models, so it is very possible that some customers will be after all, and so many years made by the American company..

“For the next iPhone 13 cycle of 2H21, we foresee a better integrated version of the existing structured light system, which will allow the long -awaited reduction of the notch.On the back, we don't anticip.

For the product cycle 2H22, we anticipate an architectural passage from the structured light to the flight time, allowing an even smaller fingerprint.Based on our industry conversations, we do not believe that the structured light under the screen is likely to be prepared for mass development in 2H22.We also consider the fingerprint under the glass, which is probably added to 2H21 iPhones, as a structural front wind for 3D detection content and could be the safety feature of the future.."