iPhone 12 - a smartphone with incredible features

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Ever since its debut on the market, the iPhone has been noted for its top-notch aesthetics, as well as performances carefully incorporated into smartphones suitable for all user requirements. For years, Apple has been offering you the opportunity to enjoy secure devices that provide a unique operating experience to both classic users and those active in the business field. So, the iPhone 12 can be the Apple solution that impresses this year and that will make waves in the technological acquisitions chapter.

Of course, as the people from Apple used to tell us, the costs of such a device are by no means reduced, but the supplier promises us honest experiences that are fully worth this investment.

If you also want this smartphone, today we reveal all the details you should know before purchasing an iPhone 12 model. At the same time, we have also prepared 7 configurations that are worth testing or choose them over the devices you currently own.

iPhone 12 launch

Even if this is the first time you hear about the iPhone 12 smartphone, know that it is not a very current release, but not an outdated one either.

The range was launched in Romania at the end of 2020, more precisely in October, with numerous pre-order requests. Today it is already in the possession of numerous users who have convinced themselves that this device reflects their requirements.

Of course, with the passage of time, the costs regarding the purchase of this smartphone have decreased, so that now you can enjoy the model you want, at a much lower price.

The phones are called the "top range" of the Apple series, with vast additions and improvements in terms of performance and handling.

Despite the unfounded rumors, the new model comes with the 5G mobile network that offers users a much faster system on the data traffic side and not only that.

So, if you have kept your title as an iPhone fan, or if you are looking for a smartphone with an operating system other than Android or the same way you were taught (i.e. iOS), the iPhone 12 may represent a point main interest for you too.

Why choose iPhone 12 cuapple a14 bionic?

If you are oriented towards discovering the best technological performance that a compact and portable device can offer you, testing an iPhone 12 can introduce you with one of the best friends possible.

In addition, you are not an exception even if the Apple brand is one of your favorites or if you want to switch from a low-end or middle-end smartphone to a top device.

The smartphone can also be considered a device mainly addressed to the business field, and the technical characteristics are stated behind the chic design provided with a ceramic glass body that offers unbeatable protection against wear, even 4 times more than any other common device.

Thus, iPhone 12 can also be considered a device designed to last better, over a longer period of time, but also to offer benefits in terms of versatility and operation.

iPhone 12 vs iPhone 11

Have you decided to buy an iPhone, but you don't know which of the latest models suits you best? Or are you tempted to replace your old iPhone with the new version?

iPhone 12 - a smartphone with incredible features

From one release to another, the devices seem quite similar overall, so choosing a new model can be a real challenge. However, any version comes with benefits and drawbacks, depending on what your expectations are from a smartphone.

Unlike the iPhone 11, the iPhone 12 was designed as a much more compact smartphone, 11% thinner, 15% smaller and 16% lighter. Also, the new range is equipped with a bionic a14 processor, a much more powerful processor, which offers a much faster response rate to commands. See iphone offers at evoMAG.

If in terms of display, the iPhone 12 offers you more possibilities regarding the choice of a suitable design, depending on your wishes. At the same time, in terms of price, you will find slight similarities, depending on the desired model.

However, you will appreciate the fact that the iPhone 12 offers you more visual accuracy thanks to the OLED display that offers much more intense and vibrant colors and shades. So the details will be able to be reproduced much more carefully.

Even in terms of camera, the new smartphone is not inferior, where you will also find a more generous zoom, optical stabilization and LiDAR scan function present on the Pro Max models.

The battery in the case of the two devices shows many similarities in terms of the approximate lifetime. And, by the way, the new iPhone 12 is not equipped with a charger, but it has the type-C power accessory.

iPhone 12 vs. iPhone 12 mini vs. iPhone 12 Pro

If you have convinced yourself that the iPhone 12 is the most suitable choice for you, you are certainly wondering which of the available options suits you best.

First of all, you have to take into account the needs and the budget. And if the budget is not a problem, the Pro versions will surely delight you with even more performances.

The iPhone 12 is considered an improved version of the iPhone 11 model, while the iPhone 12 mini wants to reproduce one of the first versions of the iPhone available on the market.

Regardless of which model you will choose, all variants are equipped with the super OLED screen, with small variations in the resolution that, at first glance, you may not even notice. The case is also made of aerospace aluminum, and the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro models are also equipped with dust and water resistance.

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini versions are equipped with Wi-Fi generation 6 and Bluetooth version 5.0. And the biggest differences compared to the Pro model will be seen in the camera, where we find 3 main cameras equipped with a LiDAR scanner.

In addition, the cameras present on the iPhone 12 offer much better performance even in low light conditions, unlike the old versions.

You can find out more information about the ideal model by directly comparing the models that caught your attention.

How much do the best iPhone 12 mobile phones cost?

To be able to have one of the available iPhone 12 models you will have to take out a significant amount from your pocket, depending on how powerful you want be your future device.

Thus, the mini models start from the approximate amount of 3,395 lei and the price can double for the Pro variants which can exceed the amount of 7,200 lei.

Of course, these amounts are indicative and vary depending on current promotions and market trends.

Top 7 iPhone 12 models worth testing

Even if the iPhone 12 is only available in three main versions, at evoMAG you will find numerous variants for each type of smartphone. And to make your choice much easier, we present you 7 configurations to focus your attention on.

For a low budget you can enjoy the new iPhone 12 mini that comes with basic performance for everyday use.

The smartphone has a 5.4-inch display that is extremely reliable, easy to operate, but also reliable in terms of storing it in your pocket or bag.

The OLED screen has a resolution of 2340x1080 which offers vibrant colors and materials reproduced as clearly as possible, whether we are talking about video or images captured instantly.

Also, on the camera side, you will find a 12 MP front camera equipped with a biometric sensor, as well as 2 main cameras, both 12 MP.

It works with a hexa-core processor and has the iOS 14 operating system.

If you need a more generous storage capacity, i.e. a double internal memory, you can opt for the basic iPhone 12 version that offers you this plus and many other benefits.

Otherwise, for a price difference of approximately 1000 lei, the smartphone benefits from clearly superior performance compared to the previous model.

Thus, the smartphone is compatible with the 5G connection and with a nano-SIM card, the contents of the package being made up of the smartphone itself and the cable related to fast recharging.

This time the phone has a memory of 256 MB Flash memory and Hexa-Core processor with Apple CPU graphics in 4-core.

It will also impress you with the equally generous 6.1-inch screen that has a resolution of 1170x2532, being an OLED Super Retina screen with Gorilla Glass protection.

You can also choose a more accessible version, but which does not limit you to performance. For example, the version of 64 GB of internal storage memory without the possibility of expansion is ideal for people who use their phone for ordinary purposes.

The version does not compromise on quality and has the same number of cameras and the same resolution presented previously, front-back, so that you can immortalize or play your favorite sequences impeccably in moments of relaxation and entertainment.

If, on the other hand, you want super performance, you can easily turn to the pro models. In this chapter, we have prepared for you some valuable information about the iPhone 12 Pro, a smartphone that impresses us not only by the size of the generous screen increasingly preferred by users, but also by the specifications that are hidden under the innovative case.

Thus, this time this device offers triple photo-video performance, thanks to the triple main camera equipped with TOF 3D sensor. The screen resolution and pattern is 1:1 with that of the iPhone 12 model, but the device will also attract attention with its bold color palette and extremely thin edges.

The chosen processor is also the latest generation Apple Bionic A14, equipped with the best response speed so far, so the operation of the phone will be done in seconds, without having to worry about the reaction speed regardless of the actions taken.

Pro Max is undoubtedly a smartphone that you won't forget much too soon and the best performing option in the iPhone 12 category.

It will surprise you not only with the more than generous screen that reaches the size of 6.7" where we will find the OLED Super Retina XDR function and the HDR function, as well as the 1284x2778 resolution that offers impressive visuals.

In the camera section, this time we will find not two or three, but 4 cameras with a more precise stabilization sensor, capable of producing the most impressive photo-video materials, even when the light is a real challenge.

The battery offers an increased autonomy of over 10 hours depending on the mode of operation, without the possibility of being removed, of course.

It won't surprise you either in terms of the operating mode that greets you with the latest generation system, as well as with the same Hexa-Core processor that the iPhone 12 range is used to.

So, if you have decided to invest in an iPhone 12, you will easily find a model that represents you.

Don't forget to check the current offer and the specifications of each individual smartphone so that you can purchase the most suitable model for you in due time. At the same time, we currently have promotions between 4-15% discount through which you will be able to purchase your dprit device much cheaper. Come check them out while supplies last!