iOS 15 becomes official: Facetime receives new features, Shareplay, advanced notifications, Photos Memories and Apple Maps evolved

Time 22/09/2022 By mhb

Today came the big day for Apple enthusiasts, and iOS 15 was officially presented at the WWDC 2021 conference.The company in Cupertino has not announced any new device, as it was believed, but we have a lot of software news.iOS 14 brought widgets to our homescreens, but iOS 15 is here to refine the idea and bring new functionality to system applications.It also marks a change in notifications and security.It is worth mentioning that many of iOS 15 functions are also found in iPad OS 15.We have all the details below.


The conference started by presenting the new options found in Facetime, popular video call app.It will now receive audio spatial support, making the sound look more natural by using Machine Learning technologies.Also, a new format has been introduced for visualizing the contacts we are talking about, but also Portrait Mode for video conversations, the background being blurred in the subject.

Moreover, Apple added the opportunity to share the link / video call link.Thus, users of Windows, Android, Linux or any other operating system can join directly from the browser, the functionality being similar to Google Meet, Zoom or Microsoft Teams.


At the same time, users will now be able to use Shareplay to listen to music, see movies or share the screen with friends or family in real time, in Via Facetime video calls.It is a new way to communicate practically, as we can write in real time.For example, we will be able to listen to music via Apple Music with friends and at the same time communicate through a Picture-in-Picture window.Shareplay works on iOS, iPados and macos.

Advanced Settings for Notifications

Probably the "highlight" of the presentation was the presentation of the new area for notifications.Now they will be sorted, notifications for applications will have higher icons, and those for conversations will have smaller icons and will be prioritized, they are placed in the top area..At the same time, users will also have a summary of the most important notifications received from applications.

iOS 15 devine oficial: Facetime primește noi funcționalități, Shareplay, setări avansate pentru notificări, Photos Memories și Apple Maps evoluat

Another important thing is "do not disturb" mode.Now we will see if friends have the way they have activated, having the opportunity to notify them with sound in the event of an emergency.Of course, this will not happen without our consent.We can filter who can contact us between certain hours and we can classify contacts under a particular profile (Work, School, Family), having the possibility to grant them or not access to notifications when DND mode is.

Focus is another option that will allow us to change the kind of information that is displayed for us according to the application and our interests.

Live Text, Lookup, Photos Memories

In iOS 15 we have many functions similar to those found in Google Lens and Google Photos:

Apple Maps and other changes

Apple Maps has given maturation signs since iOS 14, but now receives new features.We have an overall look at the Planet Terra, similar to Google Earth.In the navigation mode, however, certain cities will display information through augmented reality, being easier for users to figure out where to go.At the same time, the pedestrian crossings, traffic lights and even traffic signs will be displayed..There will be details including the weather and traffic conditions by areas.The new Maps app is about to be available even in the Apple CarPlay this year.

The weather application also receives new and new infographic animations.We will find out more details about the outside environmental conditions.Last but not least, the Wallet app will allow users to add their keys to the car, for brands that support this feature, hotel keys to which they are staying or even personal documents.

Security and privacy

We were also presented with the new security and privacy measures taken by Apple.As far as you know, since iOS 14.5 We have the opportunity to disable applications tracking functions.Apple goes on, and now users will be able to see a detailed data report accessed by applications transparently.We even find out and where those data are sent.

Moreover, users will be able to block activity monitoring in the case of email received, preventing sending information related to our IP.Thus, we will be able to hide the TRACK IP addresses when we safari, and Siri receives a vocal recognition function directly on the iPhone or iPad.We can also use Siri without an Internet connection, Apple assuring us that all our data is safe and only remain on our terminal.

A sensitive problem is also solved, that of data recovery from the death of someone.Users will be able to add trusted iCloud addresses that can recover their data in case of death.Practically a list of heirs is practically created by the "Digital Legacy" option.

Availability and compatibility

iOS 15 Developer Beta is already available today, but Public Beta arrives in July, and the final version in autumn.

Here are all compatible iPhones:

You can track the section about iOS 15 of the Keynote below