iOS 14 does not show all notifications

Time 08/06/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

Version 14 of iOS, about which Apple said that it focuses on increasing stability and repair of bugs, introduced a new bug, which affects, this time, the ability of the operating system to notify the user when receiving messages.

Some iPhone users, who have gone to iOS 14, claim that not always displayed notifications when they receive SMS or messages through Imesage.They noticed that they received new messages, but the operating system did not display the usual notifications.

The first ones who complained were the ones who bought one of the models of the iPhone 12 series, believing it is a specific problem.Subsequently, the same problem was reported by users of older iPhone models, with iOS 14 installed, which suggests is a problem of the operating system.

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iOS 14 nu afișează toate notificările

In all cases and on all versions of iPhone, the problem seems to be random, without a clear cause or a definitive solution - sometimes notifications are displayed, sometimes not.

When the problem arises, the operating system does not display any of the forms of notifications available, no POPs, no sounds, no red beaches over the application icon.

Users write on social networks that they have tried various methods of solving - from forced closure, to deleting and adding contacts again - methods that have worked temporarily, until the problem has reappeared.And on the Apple's official forum there are dozens of pages dedicated to this topic.

Apple, however, has no reaction and, so far, no solution to this problem.Those affected hope that the solution will come through iOS 14.3, update to be launched next week.