Ionita from Clejani, disclosures about Viorica's disease: "They told me if I take it home"

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Ionita from Clejani, disclosures about Viorica's disease.The singer said he arrived at the hospital with the lungs affected at 30 percent.The artist did not believe in this disease at all until he passed through this torment.

"I apologize to God that I could think so.I couldn't believe it in the thing.”, Said Viorica.

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Ionita from Clejani, disclosures about Viorica's disease

Ioniță from Clejani told how he got to worsen the disease."From the end of August she had certain symptoms, which she treated as a regular cold.Before hospitalization was coughing and coughing a bit loud.

Three days before hospitalization felt very, very bad.I called an ambulance and doctoral treated her of pneumonia, after three days after treatment she felt even worse.I took it by force and went to a clinic to get a pulmonary x-ray.

Ionita from Clejani, disclosures about Viorica's disease:

Covid pneumonia treats otherwise.While I stayed for three hours at the entrance to Matei Balș, I saw five dead people transported in bags, ”said Ioniță from Clejani.

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Viorica said she felt extremely bad and felt she was dying, so much had affected her organs.

"Two weeks I treated at home, with antibiotic, with kind of pills.You said I'm dead.I had the affected plumes 30 percent.I couldn't accept the idea that I leave those dogs alone.Those dogs were sick of my longing, Măruță.

I saw people screaming, dead people in bags.Well, if I was staying two days at home today you said in the show that Viorica died from Clejani.I saw there some things that called me.Doctors don't even have time to make cake and pee that they run from one to the other.”, Viorica told Pro TV.

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