I like IT Online scams are on the rise. The "courier" message that empties your account

Time 29/03/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

As the number of online shoppers increases, scammers are diversifying their methods of deception.

More recently, some hackers are sending emails with messages in the name of well-known courier companies, but those who open them may wake up with stolen data or broken accounts.

And in Galați, a 64-year-old woman received by courier screws and nails, in the box of the expensive phone, worth 6,700 lei, which she had ordered from a well-known company. He complained to the Police, to ANPC, and says that he will not pay any leu from the rates he had just contracted.

However, during this period, many Romanians receive so-called confirmation emails, allegedly sent by courier companies.

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"We would like to inform you that the shipment with AWB number is being delivered" - this is one of them, apparently sent by a large courier company. The message contains a link, which the customer should access, apparently, to then download the receipt.

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A rushed user, who already has orders pending, may be fooled if they do not check the sender's address, one in Spain, in this case. Mihai Rotaru, from the National Cyber ​​Security Incident Response Center, says people can wake up with broken social media accounts and money withdrawn from banks.

Mihai Rotaru, CERT-RO spokesman: "Depending on what he wants to do, he can use his computer phone, computer data, bank account data are sold."

Cybersecurity experts say that the number of such attacks and attempted frauds is increasing during the holidays, but also during the big discounts, when people are also more likely to be fooled. It is true that there are not many official complaints, given that only the victims make them, not those who realize in time that it is a scam.

Such a misleading message conditions you - if you do not follow the steps I request here, your bank account will be suspended or you will lose that property. You do not have to comply with these requirements.

According to financial security specialists, in 2019, in Romania, the damages created by hackers through these methods reached 14 million lei.

DCCOA police officer: "It's computer theft, it can be included in the scam, we have many Romanians, we recommend paying attention to how the text is written, if it has mistakes, if it is translated automatically."

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