I like it iLikeit.How can iPhone and Android users find out if partners spy on your phone

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Do you have the feeling that your partner follows you through your mobile phone?Then you are probably in the role of the spy partner in jealousy.Can't save your relationship, but some ideas about discretion has George Buhnici.

But a bit of privacy can save a relationship, if we are discreet enough with our personal data and do not leave them at the partner's discretion.

To follow your partner's phone with the help of spy software is illegal.

The iPhone users, if they received the gift phone, are advised to delete the iCloud account of the one who gave them the device.Many people have in the ICLOUD account of the friend of friend, husband or someone else's.

Thus, the person has access to email, contacts, calendars, passwords, pictures, documents.

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I like IT iLikeIT. Cum pot afla utilizatorii de iPhone si Android daca partenerii ii spioneaza pe telefon

It is the simplest clue to find out if you are spying - check if your iCloud account belongs to your phone.

In the setting area there is a panel called intimacy, and at the location services we can see what applications are active - most are blocked by Apple.

Also to intimacy, iPhone users can see who access their contacts.If you have any doubts, reset the phone, laugh at it, wipe all the configurations, and give at that time a software update.

For Android is much more complicated.There are a lot of software that can be illegally installed on an Android.

Android users must check in the security area if unknown sources are activated, so that applications from third parties cannot be installed.Check on your phone if you have foreign applications that you do not recognize.Use an antivirus, for Android successfully works antivirus.We also have Romanian antiviruses that do a very good job.

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