How Windows 365 solves the problems that Windows 11 creates. The advantages and disadvantages of a PC cloud

Time 18/08/2022 By myhoneybakedfeedback

I was saying in the previous post on the blog that "Windows 11, although free, will probably be very expensive."

We then explain that this is the quite restrictive criteria imposed by Microsoft for updating at Windows 11: security and Secure Boot -as well as processor limitations.The conclusion was that much of the computers currently on the market will never make the switch to Windows 11.

This discussion reminded me of an anecdote from the time of communism.I once read it in the dilemma but I don't remember the names of the characters.Two intellectuals were discussing in a restaurant and a third ins, who says:

- You heard?Was it just announced that the bread will be free in the USSR?

One of the two reckoning:

- Yes, but at what price?

Unintentionally, in the previous article, we went over a condition of compatibility.Installing Windows 10 must be UEFI, not Legacy Bios, to be able to update to Windows 11.

In short UEFI (UEFI BIOS) is a modern, more performing and safer version than Legacy Bios.

If your installation is Legacy Bios needs to be changed to UEFI.This is solved by reinstallation or other methods, depending on how technical you can be easy or complicated.

How do you check what kind of installation you have?

We return to System Information.Press the Windows key and write in the System Information or System INF and Enter search window.

In the list that appears you look at the Bios Mode and if it is UEF.At least for update to Windows 11.Otherwise it doesn't matter.

More details about UEFI and Legacy Bios here, here and directly from Microsoft here.

Meanwhile, a Youtuber, Linus Sebastian, posted a video clip explaining how you can overcome by changes in registers or other kinds of stubbornness imposed by Microsoft and install Windows 11 on incompatible computers..

He's not the only one who did that but is the most famous.It is very likely that in the final version these shortcuts are eliminated.Especially that someone made them public.

Linus still does at a time (minute 10.00) An interesting thing.Combines parts of the ISO of Windows 10 with Windows 11.I will not draw a conclusion but it gives you a thought.

Cum rezolvă Windows 365 problemele pe care le creează Windows 11. Avantajele şi dezavantajele unui cloud PC

There's a special information, Linus says (15.08) that Windows 11 limitations are directly related to AMD and Intel ability to create new drivers for older processors.

For several days we have installed the official version for Windows 11 developers and this post is written using a laptop with the newest operating system of Microsoft, the second newest.

Revenind la subiectul articolului, Microsoft a anunţat Windows 365 pe 14 iulie.Will be available in two variants: Business and Enterprise.

See the official presentation here, starts at 29.15 or directly at the 30th minute.It also has a subtitle in Romanian, it only needs to be activated from the bottom right.You may be seen at a low resolution, it's not your connection to your connection, I think it's the player.

The official launch will be on August 2 and obviously Windows 365 will be accessible before Windows 11.

What's with this cloud operating system and what does it do?

It is a Windows, VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) operating system, which you access from a modern browser, from almost any type of Windows device (10 or 11), including Android, Mac, iPad or Linux..

Simplified is a Windows running on a Microsoft server and you have access over the Internet.What is interesting or useful is that it runs on weak internet connections, like 27 Mbps, and inside the computer you can have significantly higher speeds.How can this be?Well the server running the virtual machine is tied to high speed internet.

Example at minute 2.05, in another presentation of Windows 365, more technical.

I'm not very sure at this time what Microsoft understands through modern browser. Va fi doar Edge sau orice browser "mare", gen Chrome, Mozilla, Safari?

Acest PC virtual e personalizabil, adică "vor fi disponibile în 12 configuraţii care variază de la un procesor cu un singur nucleu, 2GB RAM şi 64 GB stocare, până la un procesor cu 8 nuclee, 32GB RAM şi 512GB stocare".

What does this mean applied?

Let's say you work mostly with office documents and do not use large programs, which require important hardware resources.You will make a subscription to a Windows 365 PC with a minimum or basic configuration and for this you will pay a low price, like 9.99 euros+VAT per month.

Someone else will need a greater calculation power and more storage space.It has a PC with quad-core processor, 8GB RAM and 256GB storage for which it will pay 14.99 euros+VAT.

And the maximum version, quad-core processor, 32GB RAM and 512GB storage for which it will pay 29.99 euros+VAT.

I do not know the prices, I did not talk to anyone from Microsoft, if by the absurd, I just guessed.

How does Windows 365 solve the problems that Windows 11 creates?

To understand the context.Satya Nadella says that for the hybrid way of working, which the pandemic (home, office, field) has brought a hybrid technology.I mean a car, a PC, which can be accessed from anywhere and from any device.And he's right.

The direct answer to the question is: you no longer need to buy a computer compatible with Windows 11, it exempts you from an investment.The subscription involves a small staggered payment.

What other advantages does Windows 365 have?

You can use Windows 365 on any device and anywhere, you are no longer related to a single physical system.Flexibility.

If you discover at one point that Windows 365, the Cloud PC you have rented, no longer correspond with your needs, that is, your work changes and you need more or less power, this is resolved quickly.

It exempts you from a large IT team, the maintenance of a cloud system is largely based on the support of the platform, in this case Microsoft.Decrease the costs with employees.

You are not the same worries about security anymore, Microsoft also deals with this side.Decreases security costs.

What's less advantageous in this situation?

În primul rând, dacă Windows 11 n-ar fi aşa "pretenţios" nu ar fi nevoie de Windows 365.Questionable.

After 2 or 3 years you can conclude that you paid more than if you bought your own computer with Windows 10, with the possibility of updating at Windows 11.But it's an assumed situation, because you didn't allow yourself an important investment at first.

No one forces you to make a subscription, as no one forces you to buy a computer with Windows 10, with the possibility of updating at Windows 11.You can choose!

What happens in 2025?

We have a company that has many systems with Windows 10 and instead of buying new computers to Windows 365.When Windows 10 support ends (14.10.2025), will Windows 365 still work on old systems?

What I find interesting in the way the problem of Satya Nadella in Microsoft presentation is:

“There is no way to return to the levels of digital adoption 2 years ago.There is only before and this will require a change in the level of tech intensity in the coming years.Each company will need to be a technology company itself."

Someone reading this article could say:

- I was waiting for you answers no questions.

Correct, you just can't have the answers until you formulate the correct questions.In addition, we are talking about a product that has just been announced and not launched.So beyond a certain level of information we walk on the field of speculation.

Whatever you say for or against about Microsoft, Windows 365 is a turning point in the modern technological landscape.

Windows owns 73% of the market in June 2021, according to the Statist.Windows 365 most likely will be a great success and their market share will grow.

I come back in about a week with a Windows 11 review of the operating system hypostasis I work.