How do you disable notifications in Windows 10 and get rid of distractions

Time 25/07/2022 By mhb

If you want to be a little more effective during the hours spent in front of your PC, it would be good to learn how to disable notifications in Windows 10.

Until a few years ago notifications were reserved only for mobile phones.More or less discreet messages help you not forget that someone called you, you got a message on Facebook Messenger or you need an update to WhatsApp.

In the meantime, however, the same notifications have come to occupy a central place in the newest operating system created by Microsoft.This means you risk becoming significantly more inefficient in the office, if you don't know how to disable notifications in Windows 10.

Windows 10 notifications may come from many sources.Your favorite sites can deliver notifications through Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge, if you have given your agreement in this direction.The messaging applications you have installed or Skype programs also have the opportunity to stress you with more or less important messages.Fortunately, there is a mechanism by which you can disable them.

Cum dezactivezi notificările în Windows 10 și scapi de distrageri

Click Start, type notifications and choose the first result. Opțional, poți intra în Settings la secțiunea System și să faci click pe Notifications & Actions.To disable notifications from all applications and services on the system from a single fire, disable the first tick at the top of the window.This is entitled "Get Notifications from Apps and Other Senders."

Dacă ai mai multă răbdare și vrei să dezactivezi notificările doar de la anumite aplicații, nu de la toate, navighează până la capătul de jos al aceleeași ferestre pe care ai deschis-o mai devreme – Notifications & actions.

Lista întreagă va fi precedată de mesajul "Get notifications from these senders:" Odată ajuns acolo, debifează toate aplicațiile și serviciile de la care nu mai vrei să primești vreun mesaj sau o notificare.Changes are applied in real time.

Optionally, if you only need a few hours of peace, you can click in the bottom right corner of the desktop to open Action Center or click on Windows + A.From there, make a tap on the crescent to activate Quiet Hours.Also from there you can schedule Quiet Hours to activate and disable automatically.