How you put wireless charging on an iPhone, though it may not have to

Time 26/05/2022 By mhb

Do you have an old iPhone and look with envy at everyone who has smartphone that can be wireless and would you like?Find out that you can put your wireless charging on the iPhone.

Until the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, Apple had no phone to charge.At most, carcasses were created by third parties for something.But fortunately, you can change an old iPhone to charge wireless.

Once you have determined that you want to do this and do not keep the guarantee of your phone or maybe it is no longer under warranty then you need a few components in China, some patience and little exercise.

A Youtuber who owns the Strange Parts channel has taken from Shenzen, China a kit that allows the iPhone 7 phone to charge wireless.To begin with, you have to undo your iPhone case because the phone cannot be charged wireless if you have an aluminum housing.All this will take you some time because there are many cables and screws you have to take care of.

Cum pui încărcare wireless pe un iPhone, deși poate n-ar trebui

After all this you have to install the components on another housing that has a hole that is covered by glass.Inside you have to put the component you bought that makes this wireless loading process possible and you are ready.

The process is not one available to anyone, but if you want to try and have an old iPhone that you could do experiments you have some instructions to follow and some pieces to find.

The kit is the creation of a Chinese named Yekke who created the module from scratch.The project worked for almost a year.The idea came to him, because he used a Samsung Note 2, who has no wireless charging, but who has the necessary components to allow it."I installed a wireless receiver on Note 2 and I went and wondered if this can be done on an iPhone," said the Chinese.


He wanted to do this for the iPhone 6, but he didn't find people to make a glass housing for Apple products.This has changed with the iPhone 8. If the phone is charged wirelessly and the charging cable is inserted then the wireless one is stopped and the phone is charged.