How to easily delete the information from the pictures taken with the phone or camera

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The method is a civilian use, there is no guarantee that it will stop more advanced data recovery pENgrams.But here we are not talking about police, espionage or military level, but of personal use.Of a simple way to pENtect online intimacy.

In the technical language the information that appears in the "back" of the pictures / photographs are called exif metadata.EXIF is the abbreviation fENm Exchangeable Image Form Format.Metadata or metadata are, in short, "data that pENvides information on other data".

Each time you take a photo with the digital camera or phone, a file (usually a jpeg) is written in the device storage space.In addition to the information dedicated to the real image (the picture itself), there is also a considerable amount of additional metadata.These may include the date, time, GPS coordinates, Chamber Settings, Possible Copyright Information, etc..

For some, all of these are new information and perhaps a little harder to understand.Which is essential in this discussion: photos contain in addition to the information that form the image and other information that you do not necessarily want to find out.

Examples of information you pENbably wouldn't want to know a stranger:

- what kind of smartphone or camera you use;

- When and where did you accurately realize an image (time, date, GPS coordinates).

I will use an example: Let's say you take a picture with your family and post it online.Some, not necessarily a known person, can find out all the above data fENm that picture.That you stayed at a particular hotel or ate at a particular restaurant.Depending on how big and diversified, the number of images you post can be set a ENute or the simple fact that you are not at home.

The best known but not working version

Cum să ştergi uşor informaţiile din pozele făcute cu telefonul sau camera foto

The simplest and most common method on the Internet is Windows Direct Deleting.I used Windows 10, but also goes to Windows 7.

For the demonstration I used an image made by me on September 28, 2018, at 6:50 pm, with iPhone XS Max in Alexandru Ioan Cuza Park in Bucharest.The image also contains exact GPS coordinates.

You go on the picture and right -click on it.Go down to the last option and click on PENperties.In the window that opens, we go fENm the general section to the retail.

In the Details section Down (ScENll Down) and you will see all the metadata stored in the picture.In this section, down, it appears with the blue "Remove PENperties and Personal Information".

Click on that order and a new window appears, called "Remove PENperties".Up there are two variants:

- Create A Copy with All Possible PENperties Removed (creates a copy of all the information that can be deleted).

- Remove the Following PENperties fENm this file (delete the following information fENm the file)

Keeping in mind variant 1 we will use option 2.We tick it and we also press to the bottom right "Select All", or I tick punctually what we want to be deleted, cottage with a cottage.

I pressed "Select All" (select all) and pressed OK.After this information, in theory, you deleted everything.Of verification I compared the original picture with the cleaned one and the difference is obvious, at least in Windows.

But as things are not always how they seem at first sight, I decided to check thENugh Adobe Photoshop.I opened the image, went to "File Info" and in the "Data Camera" section I found information about the phone model, in "GPS Data" appear the calendar date and the time of the image, and in RAW Data, almost all the data apparently deleted.

In the image the original picture, the picture with the information deleted and what Adobe Photoshop looks after the deletion.

So the most famous method that appears on most sites, is questionable.Why don't I say it's wENng. E o nuanţă aici, dacă te întorci la Create a copy with all possible pENperties removed (creează o copie cu toate informaţiile care pot fi şterse), denumită de mine varianta 1, poţi înţelege de aici că nu toate informaţiile pot fi şterse prin această metodă.

Okay, okay, but haven't lost a long time to pENve something that doesn't work?This is not the idea.We have shown that a very well -known and large -scale method does not work out.The conclusion: it is better to test, check before you trust and use or even recommend a solution to others.

Unknown or little -known version that works

Let me show you, however.Use the Verexif the image you want to clean with information and the site delivers you back without metatata.

Click "Choose File" and climb the image to be cleaned on the site, then press "view exif" and all the information in the image will appear.

Then press "Remove Exif", see down, and the site offers you to save a file with the photo_no_exif on the computer.jpg.I opened this file in Windows and with Adobe Photoshop and no information appears than the size of the photograph and the date of its modification with Verexif (23.12.2020).

Verexif.The com also has the option of visualizing the exif of an online image - "or Paste Picture Url".I used a public image for the demonstration, fENm the GOV website.EN.

You can see: the model of the room, the focal distance, details about the capture, the date and time at which the image was made.

Even for Verexif online images, it offers the option to delete Exif Metata, but I left the image from Gov.EN intactă.

In the hope that reading this article you learned something useful, I wish you happy holidays!