Google follows your online activity.How do you stop it?

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You would think the internet is a safe place where you go anytime you need to go out of normal.Google search history is definitely a good starting point to find out about someone, but did you know that the search engine is really following your internet movements?Fortunately, there are very simple methods by which you can hide from the Almighty Eye.

1. How to hide your work on Gmail?

Google does not only follow your activity on the search engine, but also looks for you through emails, or even carefully follows everything you write.And maybe you are the kind of person who uses his mailbox to pay bills, or to send/receive official documents or I know what.Unfortunately, you have no option to stop the full service, but you can deactivate the function that you write:

2. The intelligent assistant Google always listens to you

All big companies boast with intelligent assistant systems that respect your security.These include Google, but one thing I noticed during the time I used Android phones is that the assistant never sleeps.It was often enough to speak his name, or similar words, and he "wake up" immediately to listen to your wishes ... or conversations.

Google îți urmărește activitatea online. Cum faci să îl oprești?

How to stop Google assistant on Android:

How to stop Google assistant on iPhone:

3. Look alone at videos on youtube

I don't know how many of you have a idea of this, but YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world;After Google, of course.And this means that like the older brother, he follows your activity step by step: what videos do you watch, what comments you leave and how you interact with them.If you want to watch videos yourself without being watched by the algorithm, you have an extremely simple way:

And if you want to empty the complete history, as a precautionary measure, you simply enter the page with your search history and on the right of the screen you will find a button that allows you to delete everything.In this way, your online activity is a little safer, although you cannot stop the entire suite of tracking technologies.

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